Three Effective Methods to Calm the Brain and Fall Asleep

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Many people start worrying about their biggest problems when they’re trying to go to sleep. Be it unresolved arguments, trouble at work, or scheduling problems, these thoughts can intrude at night and prevent people from getting a good rest to deal with them in the morning. So, what can be done about it, and what are the three most effective approaches?

Clearing the Mind to Fall Asleep

Whatever the problems that might prevent the mind from falling asleep, scientists say that focusing on them only exacerbates the issue. This is so because thinking about negative, stressful things spikes the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The act of thinking about problems also raises blood pressure. This makes the body turn on high-alert mode, which makes relaxation and sleep impossible.

When being safe and comfortable in bed is not enough to get to falling asleep, it is usually due to stress. So, instead of going through a night of tossing and turning, people can use some of the more effective strategies for calming the mind. A calm mind makes for good sleep.

Counting and Making Lists

One of the more common problems when it comes to falling asleep is worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list. A good way to get that out of the way is to write it all down in the form of a list or create a schedule. Writing out worrisome things doesn’t make the mind focus on them because it feels like moving closer to solving issues, and that decreases anxiety.

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Also, making a long list can make the person compiling it sleepy, and that’s the goal. People often say that there are many things people have to be thankful for. Listing them in your head will put in a positive frame of mind while also giving you a topic to focus on to minimize distraction. Good things to think about include being in good health, loved ones, and professional or personal achievements.

What Can I Count to Sleep?

Meanwhile, the typical method of counting sheep is actually based on truth. There is enough evidence to suggest that an activity like counting can distract the brain from the factors that make it anxious. While there are mixed opinions about the efficacy of counting, many people claim that it works for them.

The good thing about counting in your head is that your imagination is the key to it all. For example, instead of counting sheep, you may challenge yourself to list types of apple, car manufacturers, countries in Europe, dog breeds, the number of letters in the alphabet, and types of cheese. The bigger the category.

Machine Gun Kelly Responded to Fiance Megan Fox Wanting a Girlfriend

Megan Fox rose to stardom with her role in the Transformers franchise and hasn’t stayed in one place since then. She’s been in plenty of movies since her debut, and audiences seem to enjoy her quirky, wild behavior. As a talented actress, she makes her movie roles come to life. Recently, she got engaged to her “twin flame,” as she calls him, Machine Gun Kelly, who had a strange response to her even stranger post on social media.

Machine Gun Kelly and His Response

When Megan Fox posted on social media that she was seeking a girlfriend, accompanied by a sultry picture of her in a purple bikini top, MGK certainly had a response making fans wonder whether their split was inevitable. Of course, the post made countless women slip into her DM’s, but the not-so-subtle discomfort of her fiancee was what everyone focused on.

The Couple’s Love for Each Other

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox began dating and flaunting their love for one another in 2020 when they met on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass. She was so overwhelmed by their affection and compatibility that she went on the say he was her “twin flame.” She explained how she thought they were part of the same soul, which she shared with her now-fiancee immediately. She said she felt it and wanted him to know it.

She Never Hid Her Interests

Machine Gun Kelly Responded to Fiance Megan Fox Wanting a GirlfriendNo matter who Megan Fox has next to her, she has never been shy about her interests in both men and women. She has gone on to say that if her purpose on Earth is to make a girl comfortable with whom she likes, she would be happy with it. She is proud of her double interests and never hides it, especially after she was interviewed about it in 2021 before it was “cool,” as she explains.

Even though Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been flaunting their love and passion for one another for some time, her post might have caused some controversial thoughts in the minds of their fans. She might be engaged, but that doesn’t look like it will stop her from being open about what she wants.