This Hollow Island Has Been Completely Blacked Out on Google Maps

The Mysterious Island

Can you imagine seeing a place on Google Maps that has been blacked out? Well, some users have found one, and things seem mysterious. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, this island is completely hollow and makes people wonder whether they can actually reach it. Read on to find out more.

The Mysterious Island

Although the secret island is surrounded by sea, its center looks as if it’s been manually blacked out. Some of you may know that Google Maps tends to black out places they don’t have access to, or people don’t want anyone to know what’s going on there. Sinister.

In a YouTube video posted by nature journalists at National Geographic over 14 years ago, we can hear diver Enric Sala talk about how impressed he was. He had managed to explore the space and its wildlife and coral reefs. He even claimed this had been one of the best dives of his life.

The Conspiracy Theories

Compared to its blacked-out image on Google Maps, the island seems to be a very pristine place, according to Sala’s words. He loved it so much that he expressed a desire to revisit the place. Even though the island is no longer a mystery, Google Maps still hasn’t identified it.

Pexels // Miles Hardacre

Of course, this had to lead to conspiracy theories. One of them was that the destination was actually “censored.” Another social media user thought that people were mistaking black for very dark green and that it looked like a forest of Pisonia trees. Our opinion? Aliens. Hundreds of them, all piled in on each other!