Scientist Finally Answers ‘Milk or Water First?’ Tea Debate

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Have you ever stopped and thought about whether the way you make your tea is correct? Do you let the tea sit in the water for a bit, or do you pour in the milk first? If you believe there isn’t a right way of making a brew, you’re completely wrong according to one scientist.

The Right Way of Making Tea

Professor Alan Mackie, from the School of Food Science and Nutrition at Leeds University, claims that if you live in a hard water area, the milk should always go first. That’s because tea contains different compounds that give it flavor. If the water is rich in minerals, it will be more difficult for these compounds to release their flavor.

If you add hot water first, compounds called tannins turn into solids, which will make your tea taste a bit dull. However, if you add the milk at the start of the steeping process, the proteins in it will prevent this from happening, and your tea will taste amazing.

The Mystery Is Finally Revealed

The research was handled by hot tap manufacturer INTU Boiling Water Taps and manager director Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw. He also commented on the techniques, saying that people living in hard water areas are missing out on a great tea flavor. He also added that he was proud of all the effort put into the research and was glad they managed to put an end to the debate.

Image by Freepik

He spoke fondly of Professor Mackie and his work and time spent in the field. He also expressed his admiration for Mackle’s understanding of the complex interplay of compounds that went into producing flavor. Go ahead and try this technique for yourself! Your life as a tea-lover will never be the same; that is, if you even put milk in your tea!