Expert Shares 3 Morning Tricks to Ensure Better Sleep at Night

Expert Shares 3 Morning Tricks to Ensure Better Sleep at Night

Restful slumber is important for people’s health and happiness. However, getting a solid eight hours of quality sleep every night can be difficult for many. Every person is different, and a solution that might work for some won’t work for all. Still, sleep expert Anne Marie Boyhan decided to share some great tricks that could help many improve their nighttime rest.

#1. Get Some Morning Sunlight

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Boyhan is a sleep expert at The Sleep Care Co. According to her, a great way to set yourself up for quality nighttime slumber is to get some sunlight in the morning. Morning sunlight sets your biological clock by regulating the timing of cortisol and melatonin.

The human body begins producing melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleeping, when it gets dark, and its production peaks during the day. Cortisol helps make us wakeful and is stimulated by sunlight. Triggering these hormones at the proper time ensures a more restful night.

#2. Set Up a Proper Sleep Environment

It’s important to make your bedroom as conducive to good sleep as possible. It’s good to create a pitch-dark bedroom when you’re ready to go to bed because light can be disruptive to many when it comes to sleeping. Room temperature can also affect the quality of your sleep, so make sure that it’s not too warm.

#3. Avoid Blue Light at Night

A good nighttime routine can go a long way, whether it includes making sure your home’s doors are locked, handling various grooming procedures, or stretching to make your limbs and joints feel more limber and comfortable. The screens of our phones and computers produce a lot of blue light. This can block the proper production of melatonin and mess with our ability to get quality sleep at night. Try putting your electronic devices away at least half an hour before you go to bed.