Mystery of ‘Hoof Prints’ at the Bottom of the Sea May Finally Be Solved

Distinctive markings shaped like hoof prints were discovered by researchers off the coast of New Zealand in 2013—but these were underwater, 450 meters deep in the sea. Where did they come from? Now they know.

Pexels // Jeremy Bishop

Bottom of the Sea Mystery – Progress

We didn’t want to know if it wasn’t a magic underwater horse. But a group of marine biologists have studied the markings a bit deeper and can almost conclusively say what they’re from… and it’s a disappointingly boring fish called the grenadier.

Pexels // Fatih Güney

Apparently, the shapes in the underwater sand seem to perfectly match the bite marks or mouth of a fish known as a grenadier. We prefer the magic underwater horse.

Scientists Can Finally Smile

It was a great moment for scientists when they finally watched a video of a grenadier fish biting down for food in the mud. That’s when they realized how similar those markings were to those of the ‘hoof prints’ they had been looking at for years at the bottom of the sea.

Pexels // Jess Loiterton

They discovered this because this specific species of fish has a very particular head and mouth position that matches the markings in the sand. That’s how they were so sure.

The second discovery also opened up new conversations about the grenadier’s feeding habits, which made for a nice bonus amid the magic underwater horse disappointment.

Apparently, There’s an iPhone Setting to Hide Your Ex From Your Camera Roll Memories

This iPhone Setting Can Hide Ex’s Photos from Camera Roll Memories
Camera Roll Memories

Imagine a scene in which you are spending quality time with your significant other when, out of the blue, the camera roll’s Memories feature on your iPhone presents you with an uninvited photo of you having a good time with an ex. Don’t worry, there is an easy method to prevent this from happening.

Settings in the iPhone Photos App

Settings in the iPhone Photos App

Head to your Photos app on your iPhone, then choose Albums and scroll down to the People & Places section. The People section recognizes a number of your friends, relatives, and former romantic partners from your photos. You will now need to choose the ex you want to remove from your Memories. After selecting the person, three dots should appear in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see a Feature This Person Less option if you scroll down. Now, you have two options – a hard or a gentle expulsion of your ex. You can choose to feature this person less, which will remove individual photos and videos of this person from your Memories, but group photos may still be shown.

Never Feature This Person Again!

Never Feature This Person Again!

If this isn’t enough, you can also select the Never Feature This Person option. This will eliminate the possibility of group photos. We imagine if your iPhone’s facial recognition feature misses a particularly blurry photo of your ex, this may still go through the cracks. However, it’s a vast improvement over where you were previously.

This can save your relationship. The truth is the mere presence of your ex causes you to reflect on them whenever you see the photos. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for coping with photos of you and your ex-partner on your iPhone. If their presence will upset your current partner, it’s best to put the past behind you by deleting the photos instead of trying to hide them from your camera roll Memories.