New Fear Unlocked: Video Reveals Impact of Plane Stall

Ever stalled a car and felt super awkward? Well, we’ve all been there! You just turn on the blinkers, go back to the middle gear, and try again. But, it’s not so easy when you’re a pilot!

A new video is doing the rounds online, and it shows what happens in the cockpit when the alarm goes crazy loud!

Navigating a Terrifying Plane Stall Moment

In this quick video from inside the plane’s cockpit, you see a calm pilot flying, with his co-pilot giving some smart advice from the seat behind. All of a sudden, the airplane system starts shouting ‘stall, stall,’ and a loud alarm goes off. It’s like the roar of a big car crash as the engines make a loud noise, working hard to keep the plane up in the sky.

TikTok // @everything_planes_

Good news! The pilots stayed cool under pressure and fixed the problem safely. However, some social media users are saying they’ve unlocked a new fear after watching the ‘terrifying’ video. It seems like seeing the stall happen live has made them not want to fly for a long time.

Plane Stalls vs. Car Stalls

Stalling a plane is quite different from a car. It happens when the wings of the plane tilt too much, causing a drop in lift. When flying, there’s something called the critical angle of attack, usually about 15 degrees. If you go beyond this angle, you might face problems as the plane struggles to maintain lift.

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In simple terms, when a plane is flying, the shape of its wings causes the air to flow over them, creating lift. If the angle at which the plane is flying increases too much, the airflow over the wing can become disrupted, leading to a stall where the lift decreases. In a stall, pilots need to act quickly by pointing the plane’s nose down to reduce the angle and prevent a fall. The danger is more significant during takeoff or landing.

Aircraft Systems Safeguard Against Problems

Fortunately, aircraft are equipped with systems to warn or assist pilots in such situations, ensuring their ability to address stalls and maintain control of the plane. So, if you ever feel like the plane is descending rapidly, trust that skilled pilots have the situation under control.