Harry Potter Actress Bonnie Wright Has Revealed Her Baby Bump

Bonnie Wright, the star who played Ginny in Harry Potter, has revealed that she and her husband, Andrew Lococo, are currently expecting their first child. The actress and activist announced the news on her Instagram, where she shared a photo of her baby bump, saying that she and Lococo couldn’t wait to meet their first child.

Harry Potter Actress Bonnie Wright Has Revealed Her Baby Bump
Bonnie Wright Is Expecting Her First Kid

The Harry Potter Family Keeps Growing

The Harry Potter actress posted the pictures with a caption revealing that she and her partner, Andrew, are expecting a baby. It read that they were having a baby, and Bonnie expressed her excitement about introducing their child to the beautiful surroundings. She also shared her thoughts on pregnancy as a transformative and humbling experience and expressed the couple’s eagerness to become parents.

Wright’s Wedding

Last year in March, Wright and Lococo got married in an outdoor ceremony that took place on a regenerative and organic farm located in San Juan Capistrano, California. The couple made sure their nuptials were eco-friendly. For her wedding dress, Wright stayed true to the sustainability theme and chose a vintage gown. The dress was over 100 years old, and when Wright chose it, it was completely see-through because it lacked the original underdress.

Bonnie Wright and Andrew Lococo at their wedding
Wright’s Wedding

During an interview, Wright explained that she had always wanted to wear a vintage dress for her wedding, as she believed that such dresses were full of character and history. However, since the dress she chose was over a century old, the original underdress that accompanied it had likely perished. Consequently, when she first tried on the dress, it was entirely see-through. She added that it was quite amusing to imagine the underdress that they would eventually make for the gown.

Wright Revealed Her Baby Bump

Wright’s news came about days after Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter himself, welcomed his first child with his partner Erin Darke. The couple announced they were expecting a baby in March, and while it is not clear exactly when the little one was born, it has been confirmed that Darke and Radcliffe have already welcomed their first child.

“Internet Boyfriend” Oscar Isaac Appears Nude in Scenes From a Marriage

Oscar Isaac has had one of the best jobs in the world for a long time. No, that is not being among the most popular and haunting working actors in Hollywood. The reference is to the fact that he is one of few men that are appointed the Internet’s Boyfriend. Whatever he is playing – a rebel hero in Star Wars, a musician in Inside Llewyn Davis, a tech CEO in Ex Machina, a space zaddy in the forthcoming Dune – a lot of people seem to have a crush on him.

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain in Scenes From a Marriage

Oscar Isaac in Scenes From a Marriage

The obsession with him ranges from middling to ardent on an average day. However, it just rose all the way up to 11 due to the HBO miniseries Scenes From a Marriage. In the series, Isaac and his co-star Jessica Chastain turn the slow dissolution of marriage into an acting showcase. In episode 4, Isaac dared to show even more than usual.

During one intense scene, Oscar Isaac and Chastain’s characters Jonathan and Mira meet up in the home they shared before they split up, to sign their divorce papers. The encounter ends up in passionate breakup sex. In these scenes, Jonathan and Mira use their bodies to express all the raw feelings that they can’t really put into words. When it’s all over, Jonathan stands up, baring it all, before he heads for the shower.

Since Jonathan is played by Oscar Isaac, the Internet lost its mind.

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain at the Venice Film Festival 2021One of this Year’s Impactful Scenes

It is the latest moment in a series of strong ones on television this year that have featured male nudity, which is still rather rare when compared to the depiction of naked female bodies on screen. First was the shower scene in Netflix’s steamy drama Sex/Life, and then was the opening episode of satirical dark comedy The White Lotus.

Each of these scenes uses male nudity to make a statement about what is going on with the characters. In Sex/Life, it is a sign of the protagonist becoming obsessed. In The White Lotus. it serves to show the character’s concerns with mortality. Now, in Scenes From a Marriage, the scene is an elegant metaphor for romantic separation as the tone shifts from erotic (where the characters are one) to mundane, where they must each attend to everyday needs like hygiene.