Chris Rock Won’t Be Reaching Out to Will Smith After His Apology

Despite Will Smith issuing a public apology on social media to Chris Rock, the comedian is apparently not planning on reaching out to the actor to reconcile with him, at least not anytime soon. Smith posted a video on Instagram and YouTube addressing his behavior at the Oscars and describing his decision to slap Rock as unacceptable.

Will Smith Called His Behavior Toward Chris Rock Unacceptable

Will Smith during his apology video to Chris Rock

According to the actor, he had reached out to Chris Rock since the incident happened in March during the Oscars ceremony. Apparently, the comedian was not ready to talk, so Smith added that when Rock was ready, he would surely reach out to him. Smith concluded his message with an apology and confirmed that he was ready to talk with Rock whenever he wanted to do so.

During a recent stand-up routine, Chris Rock appeared to make reference to Smith’s apology video, but according to a source, he didn’t have any intention of responding directly to the actor. So far, Rock has largely kept silent regarding the slap he received by Smith on stage during the Oscars ceremony. He has addressed the matter only briefly while speaking to audiences on his tour.

Chris Rock Has No Intention of Accepting Smith’s Apology Publicly

Chris Rock promotional image for his Ego Death tour.

Chris Rock addressed the crowd at one of his shows hours after Smith released his apology video. He stated that everybody was trying to be a victim, and if that was the case, nobody could hear the real victims. He went on to call the actor Suge Smith, saying that after he was smacked by him, he still went to work the next day because he has kids. Rock also concluded that those who say words hurt had never been punched in the face.

In his apology video, Smith told the public that his actions took a toll on him, clarifying that he hated that he let people down. Apparently, the results of his action hurt him psychologically and emotionally because he knew he didn’t live up to people’s image and impression of him. He then concluded that he was deeply remorseful and was trying not to be ashamed of himself after making a mistake.