Keanu Reeves Lookalike Won Compensation In a Trial Against Facebook

A court has recently ruled in favor of a Keanu Reeves lookalike after he had his Facebook account suspended. While many celebrity lookalikes can be a real stretch, others are actually very accurate. Such is the case with Marcos Jeeves, who is known for being a scarily accurate celeb impersonator. Looking at his photos really feels like there is a glitch in The Matrix.

Marcos Jeeves Is Probably the Best Keanu Reeves Lookalike Out There

Marcos Jeeves

The uncanny comparison between Keanu Reeves and Marcos Jeeves started when the latter was 17 years old. Despite the major similarity between him and the actor, Jeeves never considered making money from it until he lost a job on an oil tanker. To make ends meet, he switched his life on the seas for the life of a celebrity lookalike and started making a comfortable living. To get professional gigs, Jeeves was using his Facebook page until one day, he was surprisingly suspended.

Keanu Reeves Lookalike Marcos Jeeves Sued Facebook Two Years Ago

After learning that his Facebook account was suspended, the Keanu Reeves lookalike showed his own determination when he decided to fight back and filed a lawsuit against the social network. This happened nearly two years ago on the 29 of June, and recently, the Justice of Rio de Janeiro ruled in favor of Marcos Jeeves. Back then, Facebook was ordered to reactivate Jeeves’ account within five days and had to pay him 5,000 BRL or about $900. Furthermore, Jeeves would get an additional 200 BRL or $36 if his page wasn’t reactivated within five days.

Keanu Reeves

Jeeves remembered that it was two years of fighting until he earned his well-deserved win. He explained how Facebook removed his profile approximately three months after he got recognized as a lookalike. His main problem with the social network’s decision was that there were fake profiles pretending to be Jeeves, who even asked fans for money, but they got to remain online. He also explained how the suspension impacted him financially and how the fans poured so much support for him.