Margot Robbie Met Prince Harry in a Photo Booth

If you come across a photo booth during an event or a night out, it can be impossible to resist. However, Margot Robbie has jokingly said that she needed to know how to stay out of these fun machines after getting into one with… Prince Harry?! No green screens or fake filters made it appear as though he was in the picture – we are talking about the real Duke of Sussex.

Margot Robbie Met the Duke of Sussex Harry in a Photo BoothMargot Robbie Met the Prince

Margot Robbie went to a housewarming party at the residence of English model Suki Waterhouse a few years back. Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne were among the other A-list guests at the party; however, there were a lot of other people there too. Robbie asked one of the guests if they needed assistance after noticing them carrying a lot of things into the house.

Ed Sheeran Lookalike?

During the guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Margot recalled how she spent a lot of time with the partygoer as they made their way through the home and that he assisted Margot in finding something she’d dropped along the way. She entered the photo booth with the guest, and he was in the pictures with her, Miller, Delevingne, and the host, Waterhouse.

She said that the man was nice, but she didn’t realize that he was Prince Harry until after the party. Margot Robbie argued that he looked more like Ed Sheeran. She also said that because he wasn’t wearing a crown, it wasn’t immediately obvious that he was a prince. Robbie even made fun of it and suggested that she should just stay out of photo booths.

We suppose that if you are trying to have fun at a party with ordinary people, not being recognized as a prince can be a good thing!

A Mirror City in Saudi Arabia Resembles a Massive Wall Amid the Desert

Insane CGI infrastructure ideas, created by bored design students, frequently become slightly popular on social media. Examples include the concept of public transportation “discs” that hover above traffic or the notion of a nuclear-powered “flying hotel.” However, it’s rare that one of the richest sovereign wealth funds in the world supports these half-baked ideas. However, this is the case with Saudi Arabia’s proposal to erect what will appear to be a massive mirror wall in the desert.

A Mirror City in Saudi Arabia Resembles a Massive Wall Amid the DesertCan They Pull it Off?

Saudi Arabia is rich and Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), the country’s crown prince, is very ambitious. MBS intends to make his mark on the world by building the enormous Neom city in the desert, which will feature just about every futuristic technology you can imagine. From the merely ambitious, like cloud seeding and vertical farms, to the sci-fi fantastical, like robot cage fights and a fake moon… for some reason.

The entire enterprise has come under fire, with reports detailing issues ranging from massive overspending to the repressive treatment of indigenous tribes (who have been forcibly relocated for the project). However, development continues after MBS allegedly referred to the project as “my pyramids.” The most recent twist is a recently unveiled concept for The Line: a “vertical city” that’s 1640 miles high, 105 miles long, and, strangely enough, coated with mirrors.

Saudi Arabia’s The Line, which resembles a wall, is intended to be made up of two enormous parallel structures connected by walkways and separated into communities that are designed to provide access to all of the city’s facilities within a five-minute walk.

Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic Ambitions

A high-speed railway would run below the mirrored buildings, vegetables will be “autonomously gathered and wrapped” from neighborhood farms, The Line will have a stadium “up to 1,000 feet above the earth,” and there will be a marina for boats beneath an arch connecting the towers.

MBS is allegedly planning to spend the entire $500 billion authorized for the project. But comparable large-scale initiatives have come and gone before, such as the adjacent Dubai construction of The World Island. In such a situation, islands were built, but only a small number of them are still inhabited, and most are sinking back into the sea. People will have to wait and see how long it takes for the mirrors on The Line to lose their luster.