Actress Millie Bobby Brown Admitted She Is a Hardcore Swiftie

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Millie Bobby Brown is a major Taylor Swift fan, something she recently shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. The actress said she felt a profound affection for the singer and described herself as a dedicated Swiftie. Her devotion to Swift was such that Brown jokingly stated that she knew where the singer was at all times.

Millie Bobby Brown Is a Swiftie

Millie Bobby Brown talked about her unforgettable experience at one of Swift’s Eras Tour shows. She shared how she felt pure delight and camaraderie with fellow fans who shared her level of devotion. She also shared how she tracked Swift’s tour performances by maintaining a board where she and her sister were keeping tabs on the setlist.

Brown was pleased to share how she had this particularly memorable moment from the tour when Swift was performing “Evermore” during a show in Ohio and that extracted a truly emotional reaction from the star-struck actress. Millie Bobby Brown is more than just a fan of Swift. She shared how the singer influenced her perspective on life and made her 20th birthday the dawn of a new era. For her, that even echoed Swift’s thematic shift in music.

Swift’s Music Had an Impact on Brown

Brown’s adoration for Swift has taken on different forms throughout the years. One notable moment was when Brown made a touching Instagram post announcing her engagement to Jake Bongiovi, where she incorporated lyrics from Swift’s song “Lover” into the caption. Taylor liked the post, making everything that much more special for the actress.

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Millie Bobby Brown also showed her affection for her fiancé with selfies where she was wearing a T-shirt with lyrics from Swift’s “Anti-Hero”. A phone case accompanied the photos emblazoned with even more of Swift’s lyrics, showing Brown’s ongoing admiration of the pop superstar.

Tesla Has Invented a Charging Mat for as Many as 3 Devices at Once

Who remembers the legendary Apple AirPower charging mat? It was announced in 2017, and it was supposed to recharge up to three devices at the same time. However, Apple never released it because of engineering issues. Fast-forward to 2023, Tesla is giving it a shot with the Wireless Charging Platform.

Tesla Has Invented a Charging Mat for as Many as 3 Devices at Once

FreePower Platform Is Similar to AirPower

The aluminum casing was inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. They are naming it FreePower, and the platform is from a startup called Aira. It’s the same platform that was used for other charging mats, like the Nomad Base Station Pro. It’s a technology that provides up to 15W of fast charging for up to three devices. The users can simply throw their devices on the surface made from luxurious Alcantara, and they will get recharged, no matter where the devices may land. Yes, no more playing around with aligning your device with the charging coils.

$300 for a Wireless Charger?

It’s not cheap. The Tesla Wireless Charging Platform will cost $300. The company that developed the recharging platform, Aira, was founded in 2017. Since then, it has raised $16 million. The fundraising came by way of angel investors in 2019, which were led by private investors, including Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Jawad Ahsan. The company said that the funding was going to be used to reach beyond the consumer market. They also want to expand to hospitality, automotive, and enterprise.

Will the Charging Mat Be Actually Released?

Many will say that Tesla’s concept is similar to what Apple tried to do with its Airplay back in 2017, and they won’t be wrong. However, AirPower was limited to Qi-based devices like Airpods and iPhones and was not able to charge the Apple Watch. It was never released because of overheating problems. Will Tesla’s new charging platform be released and actually useful? Only time will tell. To us users, it’s one step closer to convenience, with so many devices that need to be recharged daily.