Ryan Gosling Expressed His ‘Disappointment’ Over Oscar Nominations

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The absence of Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig from the Oscar nominations didn’t just catch the attention of fans, but it also drew disappointment from none other than Ryan Gosling himself. Expressing his opinion on the unexpected snub, Gosling revealed his dissatisfaction with the decision, highlighting the shared sentiment among those in the industry who recognize the talent and contributions of his colleagues.

Barbie’s Cinematic Triumph

In the cinematic landscape of 2023, Barbie stood out as a blockbuster sensation, raking in an impressive $1.5 billion at the box office, surpassing even formidable contenders like Oppenheimer. Despite this triumph, Margot Robbie, the leading lady, found herself conspicuously absent from the Best Actress nominations at the Oscars. Similarly, Greta Gerwig, the visionary director behind the success of Barbie, was notably left out of the running for Best Director.

However, the consolation lies in the recognition both receive in the Producer for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay categories. On a positive note, Ryan Gosling secured a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Ken, and America Ferrera is in the running for Best Supporting Actress. Nevertheless, the surprising omissions have sparked fan outrage, with many expressing that this snub appears to mirror the film’s narrative; a disheartening case of life imitating art.

Ryan Gosling’s Oscar Journey

Gosling reflected on his Oscar nomination, expressing gratitude for being among “remarkable artists.” Notably acknowledging his role as Ken in the celebrated film, he emphasized Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s pivotal contributions, stating there’s no Ken without Barbie.

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Gosling expressed disappointment at their snub, highlighting their impact on the film’s success. Despite being plastic dolls, Gerwig and Robbie broke barriers, making history. Gosling advocated for their recognition and congratulated co-star America Ferrera, recognizing the collective efforts that made the film groundbreaking.

Ferrera Echoes Gosling’s Disappointment

Much like Gosling, America Ferrera voiced her sentiments, expressing profound disappointment and emphasizing Greta’s deserving directorial accomplishments. Regarding Robbie, she hailed the Suicide Squad luminary as a cinematic magician, masterfully enchanting audiences on-screen.

The nominations reveal left fans in disbelief, with one expressing disbelief at the oversight of Margot Robbie, while others took to social media, pointedly noting the absence that echoed through the Oscars’ announcements.

Clint Eastwood’s Affairs, Career, And Story Of His Unknown Child

Clint Eastwood first found great success as an actor and rose to international fame, then going on to direct his own films. All the meanwhile, he was creating his reputation as a womanizer. Despite being married twice, Clint Eastwood had a countless number of affairs. Yet, it was not long until they all found out about the other women in Eastwood’s life. While in his many relationships, Eastwood ended up with seven children. However, it has recently been publicly revealed that he had one more daughter. But who was the eighth child? Where had she come from? You are about to find out this, as well as everything else you’ve ever wanted to know about Eastwood’s complicated life.

The Eighth Child

When the admired actor and director Clint Eastwood appeared at the premiere of his 2018 movie The Mule in December, he seemed to have a surprise for many of his fans and ave celebrity-watchers.

(Top) Instagram // @francescaeastwood | (Bottom) Photo by Universal Pictures // Sunset Boulevard // Corbis via Getty Images

From pictures uploaded to Instagram that night, observers counted that there were not seven children with him, but eight. So who was this mystery child and where had she been hiding all this time? The film legend has a lot to reveal…

A Big Entrance

Eastwood was nicknamed “Samson” by the hospital nurses after he made a big entrance into the world weighing a whopping 11 pounds 6 ounces, setting precedent for how he will be the rest of his life.

Photo by Silver Screen Collection // Getty Images

Although born in San Francisco in 1930, most of his childhood was spent moving along the Pacific Coast of the U.S. before settling in Piedmont, California. Despite his family’s affluence, Eastwood struggled in school. He was kept back at middle school and spent summers catching up. He caused trouble from the start…

The School Prankster

The young lad didn’t fare too well in high school either and instead of buckling down with his studies he would be responsible for a series of pranks.

Photo by Bettmann // Getty Images

He was expelled from Piedmont High and transferred to Oakland Technical High, however it was never certain whether he actually graduated. He picked himself up and enrolled in Los Angeles College with plans to study at Seattle University, but this never happened and he entered the world of work instead.

Life On Hold

Believe it or not, the successful actor we know today once had a range of positions including working in a grocery, as a fireman, and even as a caddy on the golf course.

Photo by Archive Photos // Getty Images

But his life was soon interrupted when the army called. It was around the time of the Korean War that Eastwood was enlisted. However, his role wasn’t so glamorous. Instead of fighting, he was sent to Fort Ord in the north of California to act as a lifeguard.

Near Death Experience

However, Clint’s military days were not entirely dull. At one point he was flying a bomber place which fell out of the sky due to a lack of fuel.

Wikimedia Commons // Airwolfhound // CC BY-SA 2.0

It plummeted into the sea but Eastwood made it out alive and simply swam a couple of miles until he reached dry land. After the army, Eastwood thought about acting and tried out with Universal. He was signed but only scored small roles in films. Clint realized a change of agent would give him his breakthrough…

Eastwood’s Breakthrough

Eastwood landed a role in 1958 in the CBS show Rawhide. His role as cowboy Rowdy Yates would change his fortune forever, despite the fact he never really loved the character.

Photo by Columbia Broadcasting System // Getty Images

Nonetheless, the show was a huge hit and Eastwood was ready for bigger and better things. He starred as The Man with No Name. All three of the Siegel western movies he appeared in were well welcomed and his role in 1967 as the terse gunfighter made him a household name.

A Western Sensation

Eastwood appeared in other U.S.-made westerns such as Hang ‘Em High and Coogan’s Bluff and continued to work with Siegel.

Photo by Warner Brothers // Getty Images

They reached their peak with the 1971 film Dirty Harry. His tough-guy cop character Harry Callahan was well-loved, so much so that more films were made with Callahan appearing in them. This was when Eastwood muttered one of Hollywood’s most well-known lines when he invited a bad guy to “Go ahead, make my day.”

Man Of Many Talents

Given his exceptional success in acting, Eastwood decided to try his hand at directing. He directed over 30 films, which proved he was more than just a talented actor.

Photo by Universal Pictures // Sunset Boulevard // Corbis via Getty Images

While an actor, Eastwood got frustrated by directors insisting that scenes be re-shot multiple times and perfected, so when he started directing he made a conscious attempt to avoid any aspects he had disliked as an actor. As a result, Eastwood became renowned for his efficient directing and ability to reduce time and control budgets.

Never Won An Oscar

But one thing that many people couldn’t get their head around was that he never won an Oscar for his acting. Despite this, he was rewarded with the golden statuettes twice as a director for both Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby.

Photo by Steve Starr // CORBIS // Corbis via Getty Images

Eastwood also received Academy Award nominations for films he did not appear in such as Mystic River and Letters from Iwo Jima. Aside from his movie stardom, Eastwood was gaining quite a reputation with the ladies…

Clint “Womanizer” Eastwood

Eastwood was known to be very popular with women during his career and overall he was married twice, the first time to Maggie Johnson.

Photo by Archive Photos // Getty Images

However, promising to be faithful meant little to the Hollywood star and his marriage did not stop Eastwood hooking up with other women. Some of these relations were quite serious and some of the women even produced children with Eastwood. You may need to sit down for this as it gets pretty confusing…

Being Unfaithful

Eastwood and Johnson got married in late 1953 in Pasadena and it was believed that Eastwood was not entirely ready for marriage.

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Reports say Johnson just put up with having an open marriage…and that is exactly what happened when Eastwood began having a relationship on the side with Rawhide stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis in 1959, which went on for well over a decade! In 1964 Tunis gave birth to Eastwood’s child and named her Kimber. However, Kimber was kept quiet at first.

Having Children

Kimber remained away from the spotlight until the National Enquirer found out about her and outed her to the public in 1989.

Instagram // @clinteastwood.universe

It was never known whether Johnson knew about her husband’s child, yet biographer Marc Eliot claims “it would have been nearly impossible for her not to” given the difficulty of maintaining secrecy in Hollywood. Whether Johnson knew or not, it did not stop her having children of her own with Eastwood. She gave birth to Kyle in 1968 and Alison four years later.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Eastwood then began an affair with Sondra Locke in 1975. According to Locke’s autobiography, he told the actress that he’d “never been in love before.”

Photo by Bettmann // Getty Images

However, Eastwood did not change his ways despite this “love” and she was heartbroken when she found out he had been seeing other women while with her. He was also still married to Johnson as they only got divorced in 1984. Locke had two terminated pregnancies and claimed Eastwood thought a child would ruin their relationship.

Brother From Another Mother

Despite Eastwood’s suggestion to Locke that he did not desire children, it did not stop him having some with other women while still with her!

Instagram // @scotteastwood

He had a string of affairs in the start of the 1980s, including one with Jacelyn Reeves. Perhaps she was slightly more serious than the rest as he ended up having two children with her, son Scott and daughter Kathryn. The children’s identities were kept secret until Star magazine revealed all in 1990. Keeping up?

Court Cases

Locke remained oblivious to the amount of affairs Eastwood was having and in 1989 they had a bitter breakup. The aftermath was nasty and they fought for over ten years in court until settling a palimony suit by setting up a film deal for Locke with Warner Bros.

(Left) Photo by Robin Platzer // IMAGES // Getty Images | (Right) Photo by Jeffrey Mayer // WireImage

But allegedly this turned out to be a sham. Eastwood ended up giving Locke out-of-court payoffs as a result of the affair. Meanwhile, he continued his affairs with women ranging from Barbra Streisand to the mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

The First Birth

One of these lovers was actress Frances Fisher. Eastwood was attracted to her on set and the two set up a home in 1990. Their relationship continued for years and Fisher had said, “I simply felt that this was it, the big one.”

Photo by Jeff Kravitz // FilmMagic

They had daughter Francesca in 1993, the first of Eastwood’s children’s births that he had witnessed first-hand. However, Fisher was wrong and four years later the couple ended. Eastwood began to date news presenter Dina Ruiz. Would this one last?

Mrs. Eastwood

As it turned out, Ruiz was not just another one of Eastwood’s flames and he made her his wife in March 1996. On the outset, it seemed like he was finally ready to settle and stated, “She’s the one I’ve been waiting for,” according to the Toronto Star.

Photo by Stephane Cardinale // Sygma via Getty Images

Ruiz became the mother of his last child, Morgan, in 1996. However, unsurprisingly, the marriage did not last and ended in 2004. At that point and from then on, it was always speculated just how many children Eastwood actually had.

The Other Girl

So if you haven’t been counting until now, Morgan was the seventh and final child of Eastwood. However, after she posted a photo to Instagram at the premiere of The Mule in December 2018, Morgan revealed a closely kept Eastwood secret.

Instagram // @morganeastwood

So who was this other girl in the picture? Was she another of Clint’s children? Morgan confirmed suspicions when she told her Instagram followers, “SO RARE for all 8 Eastwood siblings to be in one room!!!”

Going Public

It turned out that Eastwood finally had chosen to publicly acknowledge a daughter that he had kept secret for years. But where had she come from and who is her mother?

Instagram // @francescaeastwood

It was revealed that Eastwood had gotten one of his girlfriends who he saw during his engagement to Maggie Johnson pregnant. He had not known about the baby though and she had been subsequently adopted. The “other child” had a very interesting journey finding her way back to her biological father…

Daddy’s Girl

Three decades earlier, Eastwood’s unknown daughter had tracked him down. Her name is Laurie Murray and ever since finding her dad, he has welcomed her with open arms and the pair has become very close since.

Photo by SGranitz // WireImage

The two enjoyed holidays together and even shared time on the golf course. Thinking back, many noticed that Murray was even arm-in-arm with Eastwood’s mother, Ruth Wood, at the Oscars in 2004. However, perhaps this was not the first time that Murray was publicly acknowledged…

Old News

While Eastwood has never spoken out about Murray before, a friend reportedly told the Daily Mail in December 2018, “We always wondered why it was never really widely known or widely acknowledged before.”

Facebook // Legendary 90s

They added, “He took Laurie to the Oscars around the time that he was nominated for Mystic River with his mom and Dina.” The friend continued to state, “Everyone in Lakewood knows that Clint Eastwood is her father and have done for about 20 years.” Despite this, Murray remained quiet…

From Actor To Grandfather

Murray never changed to the Eastwood name and lives quietly in the Washington town. Unlike Eastwood, Murray’s biological mother did not wish to speak to her daughter after she tracked her down.

Instagram // @ltmurrayiv

Murray is herself a mother with two children of her own, making Eastwood a grandfather. Eastwood even has a good relationship with Murray’s children, LT and Kelsey, and attended both of their weddings. As it turns out, people in LT’s life also say they knew he was related to the movie star for years.

His Final Acknowlegement

It was all true, rumors of Murray’s existence had been out there for years. Nevertheless, it took the premiere of The Mule for Eastwood to publicly acknowledge the 64-year-old child who was born days before he became one of Hollywood’s biggest and most enduring names.

Photo by Kevin Winter // Getty Images

Morgan’s sister also commented on her Instagram upload, “I’m not sure there has ever been a picture of all 8 kids together but here it is.” The secret Eastwood kept for three decades was finally out.