Animal Shelter Called Out Paul Rudd to Adopt a Dog That Looks Like Him

While some bear a stronger similarity than others, most celebrities’ doppelgangers are at least human. An animal shelter from Tennessee has reached out to none other than Paul Rudd to adopt a dog that supposedly looks just like him. The shelter even renamed the puppy based on the striking resemblance in the hopes that the actor would recognize himself in the dog.

Meet Pawl Ruff!

The dog in question has been identified by the Collierville Animal Shelter in Tennessee, which allows potential pet owners to adopt an animal in need and offer it a “second chance at life.” Yet, one dog received extra care when the shelter realized why he was so familiar. The shelter is so certain that Waffle House, a male Australian Shepherd mix, weighing 65 pounds, resembles Paul Rudd, that they have renamed the dog, Paul Ruff. According to the official adoption page for Ruff, the two have more in common than just their appearance. The page reads that just like Rudd, the dog is an easy-going and very gentle fella, the kind of guy you want to be your neighbor, best friend, or even a lifelong companion.

Animal Shelter Called Out Paul Rudd to Adopt a Dog That Looks Like Him

The official Twitter page of Collierville reached out to the Ant-Man star with a kind of unusual request. Accompanied by a collection of photos showing both Ruff and Rudd’s similar facial expressions, they tweeted that while making love connections between people and pets today, they discovered that one of their dogs is meant to be with Paul Rudd.

Catching Paul Rudd’s Attention

Despite the fact that Rudd didn’t have a Twitter profile for the page to reach out to him directly, they tagged the official Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania account, having over 1.4 million followers. They did so in hopes of swinging Paul Rudd’s attention their way. Countless people flooded the comment section to share their reactions to the request for the shelter. One person even sent positive vibes to Pawl Ruff, so he finds a forever home.

After posting the adoption call-out, Collierville Animal Shelter in Tennessee has received countless adoption applications for the pooch, yet none of those applications belong to Paul Rudd himself.