Travis Barker Got a Tattoo During a Dentist Appointment

Some people get stressed out when they have to go to the dentist and some associate getting a tattoo with pain. So, musician Travis Barker decided to up the ante by getting a large knee tattoo during his visit to the dentist. Then, on January 29, the Blink-182 drummer documented the situation by posting an Instagram video showing how he was getting inked at the dentist.

Travis Barker Hyped the Possibility for Hybrid Tattoo Studios and Dentist Offices

In his six-second Instagram video, Travis Barker showed how he was getting a tattoo while on the dentist’s chair. Though no one was working on his mouth during the clip, the dental instruments can be seen clearly in the background next to his tattoo artist. The caption for the clip was “Multitasking at the Dentist,” with a tooth emoji and a blood emoji.

Barker’s Tattoo Artist Was Adding Thorns to His Left Knee Cap Skull Tattoo

The video showed how Barker’s tattoo artist was adding thorns to his long-standing skull tattoo covering the drummer’s left knee cap. This spot is known to be very sensitive due to a prominent bone that is found there.

Apparently, Barker is not the only one nor the first celebrity to get a tattoo at the dentist. It looks like this trend was established, when back in 2020, Post Malone did the same and told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview that he did it to kill two birds with one stone. Malone approached his tattoo artist with the rather unusual request after he figured he was going to spend hours at the dentist anyway. Back then, Malone told Kimmel that it seemed like a good idea to get two painful things out of his way at the same time.

Whether the trend of getting tattooed while sitting on the dentist’s chair will catch on remains to be seen. It will certainly be something most dentists will have something to say against but when it comes to celebrities, it seems some are open to the idea.

Vin Diesel’s Side-Splitting Explanation for Dwayne Johnson Feud

Vin Diesel’s recent explanation for his long-running feud with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson caused fans to start taking sides.

Vin Diesel's Side-Splitting Explanation for Dwayne Johnson FeudThe feud between the two action stars started several years ago when The Rock dubbed a then-anonymous male co-star a “candy ass”. After years of speculation, Diesel finally decided to share his side of the story in an effort to explain why the two Fast & Furious co-stars fell out.

The Rock Needed to Improve His Acting Skills

Vin Diesel, who also produces the Fast & Furious franchise, claimed that he felt the need to improve Johnson’s acting because he was worried audiences might associate the latter with wrestling instead of filmmaking.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson The actor shared that his tough-love approach allowed The Rock to deliver the required performance and blend more easily with the already established Fast & Furious cinematic world. Diesel said that the process took a lot of work but it managed to reach the expected aesthetics, which is something that he is especially proud of.

He revealed that at times he had to give a lot of tough love to his counterpart. He continued by adding that while his coaching methods weren’t Felliniesque, he was ready to do whatever was necessary to get the desired performance out of Johnson and other actors taking part in his productions.

“Vin Diesel Shouldn’t Be Giving Acting Lessons”

Diesel’s claims sparked a heated debate between Fast & Furious fans, as well as other cinematic aficionados. While some agreed with his comments, others took the position that Vin Diesel is a limited actor himself and should be the last person in Hollywood to give acting lessons to The Rock or anyone else for that matter.

F9: The Fast Saga castDwayne Johnson doesn’t appear in the franchise’s latest installment F9: The Fast Saga, which was released in the United States on June 25. According to Diesel, the film’s cast and crew did their best to create “the best movie ever made”.