Travis Van Winkle Has Gained Ten Pounds of Muscle for His Role In You

Actor Travis Van Winkle has been eating six meals a day and maintaining a rigorous exercise plan by trainer Grant Roberts. He has done all this to gain ten pounds of muscle for the hit Netflix show You. The anticipated Season 3 is now streaming, and Van Winkle has an intriguing role in it as a new character. In the series, he plays Cary Conrad, a fitness entrepreneur and bio-hacker with his own line of supplements.

Travis Van Winkle is in shape for the Netflix show YouTravis Van Winkle Set Out to Put On Ten Pounds of Muscle to Embody the Role as Best as Possible

Travis Van Winkle recently admitted that he got a pretty loosely structured exercise routine before he received the role in You. He added that he was focused on just maintaining and not building up his muscle. All of that changed for him once he got the role of the professional bodybuilder Cary Conrad and Van Winkle shifted his focus during training on muscle gain. To maximize his results, he enlisted the assistance of celebrity trainer Grant Roberts, who is famous for facilitating physical transformations of actors for different roles like Kumail Nanjiani for The Eternals and David Dastmalchian for Dune.

Van Winkle Contacted Roberts After Learning He Had Helped Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani during his training routine for The Eternals Van Winkle contacted Grant Roberts and went into his office to do a 3-D body scan to locate the parts where he wanted to add muscle. Roberts created a workout plan for Van Winkle, and the actor followed it working out in his garage home gym. The plan focused on certain muscle groups and included four different exercises for each muscle group.

Travis Van Winkle also focused on recovery, taking creatine after workouts and dextrose in his protein shake. He also shared that he got a deep tissue massage every week and acupuncture every two weeks. He would also consume a protein shake before bed and made sure he got sufficient sleep. Roberts even gave Van Winkle nutrition advice. The actor had six meals a day and was focused on macro counting. After some four-and-a-half months of following the plan, Van Winkle had successfully added ten pounds of muscle.

Top 3 Stocks in the Tech Industry People Should Focus on Right Now

It’s all too easy to overlook the titans that dominate the technological landscape. After all, several have increased by thousands of percentage points in the last decade alone. However, overlooking them may be a mistake. Companies that have risen to dominance in an industry typically maintain that position for an extended period — even in technology. Here’s more information on which technology stocks investors should monitor closely and eventually purchase.

Top 3 Stocks in the Tech Industry People Should Focus on Right NowTop 3 Profitable Stocks

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE), and Nvidia are the three best technology stocks to buy right now (NASDAQ: NVDA). While they are not exactly unknown to Wall Street, they are all massive, well-capitalized innovators poised to dominate in the years ahead. Here is why:

#1. Apple: The Company That Transformed the Mobile Device Industry

Apple StocksIt’s pointless to introduce a company with a market capitalization approaching $2.5 trillion and a smartphone with a 64 percent market share in the United States. As the company unveils a new lineup of phones, tablets, and accessories this week, it’s clear that the company is a force to be reckoned with.

When it migrated from computers to smartphones, it transformed the mobile device industry. And it has expanded its ecosystem of services to encompass consumers, including video, audio, and payments. Customers adore everything. According to a survey conducted by mobile phone retailer, the iPhone 12 increased brand loyalty to 92 percent. That being said, Apple’s stocks are worth buying.

However, the company has recently made some unwelcome headlines. In a high-profile ruling, a judge upheld the legality of Apple’s App Store but stated that the company cannot force people to pay for items through the marketplace. This will eat into the company’s 30% commission. This cut is included in Apple’s $64.7 billion in service revenue over the last 12 months. It’s roughly the same as the combined revenue of Spotify, Visa, and Netflix.

#2. Nvidia: A True Giant in the GPU Manufacturing Industry

Nvidia Stocks Nvidia is an extraordinary story of a company at the cutting edge of one industry leveraging its technology to leap to the forefront of emerging fields. It began with the best graphics cards available for personal computer gaming. These applications necessitated a great deal of computational horsepower. This resulted in a graphical processing unit (GPU) architecture that is now the de facto standard in a number of the most promising technologies. These include, but are not limited to, artificial intelligence and data science, autonomous vehicles, robotics, and virtual reality.

Both its financial results and the price of its stocks reflect the company’s industry leadership. Revenue has increased 337 percent since 2016, while net income has increased by 1,050 percent. Wall Street, on the other hand, has not fallen behind. It is factoring in a significant amount of future growth. In that time, the stock has increased by 2,600 percent, reaching a market capitalization of $556 billion.

#3. Adobe: The Go-To Software of Every Creator!

Adobe StocksAdobe is best known for its software, which enables creators to design and deliver interactive digital experiences. Over the last 12 months, it has boosted revenue to $14.4 billion. This is a 240 percent increase over the last decade, with net income increasing by 570 percent. As of the six months ended in June, nearly 90% of that revenue was derived from subscriptions. The company operates in three segments: digital media and experience, publishing and advertising, and publishing and advertising. Last year, they accounted for 76%, 23%, and 1% of revenue, respectively.

Digital media comprises both creative and document cloud products. The creative cloud is a collection of over 20 apps, including Photoshop and Illustrator — two indispensable tools in the toolkit of any creative professional. The document cloud enables scanning, sharing, editing, and signing of documents from any location, at any time. The digital experience segment is intended to serve as the backbone of online businesses. Although sales growth slowed during the pandemic, the stocks are up 96% year to date.