Vin Diesel Would Gladly Take Part In a Fast & Furious Musical

Now that Fast and Furious 9 has gone to space, everything seems possible for the future of the franchise. Crossovers are becoming a more popular idea, and series director Justin Lin is even talking about one with Jurassic Park. Meanwhile, Tyrese Gibson has said that he is more interested in a Transformers crossover. However, franchise lead Vin Diesel has come up with other ideas.

Vin Diesel during his interview with Kelly ClarksonVin Diesel Said He Would Be Interested In a Fast & Furious Musical During an Interview With Kelly Clarkson

Recently, Vin Diesel did a seventeen-minute interview on the Kelly Clarkson Show. The interview touched on everything from his son’s acting career to Diesel’s breakdancing past and the Fast & Furious franchise. It was then when the actor dropped an interesting sentence. Clarkson asked if he had any interest in a Fast & Furious musical, and Diesel responded with an emphatic yes.

There Is Currently No Indication That a Fast & Furious Musical Could Happen

While no one is making actual plans to produce a Fast & Furious musical for the stage or screen, Vin Diesel said that he has been dying to do any musical his entire life. He shared that he nearly took part in an adaptation of Guys and Dolls, but it never came to be. Apparently, musicals are a long-standing interest of the actor.

Vid Diesel on one of the posters for Fast & Furious 9Some experts say that there are already some connections between the way the F&F movies and musical theaters tell their stories. In the movies, there are choreographed chases, music, needle drops, and original songs, and the first film of the franchise could easily be adapted with dance and song numbers in place of the heists and races. Things could also be done the other way around with a future film integrating a musical number.

Vin Diesel has a singing career of his own and seemed interested in both options. So, if the studio decides to approve such a project, just like they approved sending a Fiero to space, fans could see Dominic Toretto breaking out in song.