A Woman Spent $12,500 at the Vet to Learn That Her Cat Was Just Weird

A music student named Abigail Laker spent a significant amount of money to ensure her beloved cat, Moose, was healthy after noticing some peculiar behavior. Despite her initial concerns, it was determined that Moose’s oddities were simply a result of his quirky personality rather than a more serious issue.

A Woman Spent $12,500 at the Vet to Learn That Her Cat Was Just Weird

Moose Is a Weird Cat

The 23-year-old Salford, UK, resident adopted Moose last year and was determined to provide him with a loving forever home. However, during a visit to the vet, it was noted that Moose had some unusual breathing patterns.

Moose’s owner, a university student, initially didn’t realize there was a problem with her cat’s breathing. The vet noticed that the cat was breathing fast during a routine spay surgery and suggested that the owner observe her cat’s breathing habits. The owner realized that the cat’s breathing was abnormal and reported this to the vet. The vet did some investigating to rule out any serious health issues before performing the surgery. The owner realized that she had not noticed the breathing pattern before, as it was her first cat since moving out, and she had always had dogs in the past.

$12,500 for a Diagnose of Being a Weird Cat

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, the normal breathing rate for cats is between 15-30 breaths per minute. However, Moose’s breathing rate was significantly higher. Moose’s owner had to rush to the vet when his breathing rate was over 100 per minute. Despite undergoing several months of tests and spending $12,500, the diagnosis was that Moose simply had an unusual breathing pattern and no underlying health issues.

Moose’s owner reported that a specialist vet eventually diagnosed Moose and informed her that the cat’s breathing pattern was unusual but not harmful and was most likely behavioral. The diagnosis came at a cost of $12,500. The vet had conducted all the possible tests and found no issues with Moose’s heart or lungs, and concluded that Moose had decided to pant like a cat. This was a relief for the owner but also an unusual diagnosis and strange response.

According to Abigail, it’s definitely typical of Moose to be dramatic because he does have a crazy personality anyway, and it was probably a part of it.