Harvard Has Declared Jennifer Coolidge Woman of the Year

Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals has named Jennifer Coolidge as its Woman of the Year. The actor, who stars in White Lotus, was bestowed with this prestigious title by the world’s third-oldest theater organization. To commemorate her remarkable accomplishment, a parade was held in her honor, which took place on the streets of Cambridge.

Jennifer Coolidge Is Woman of the Year

Harvard Has Declared Jennifer Coolidge Woman of the Year

The beloved aunt impressed everyone by wearing an animal print coat and a fluffy pink hat for some extra flair. Reportedly, the actor became emotional at one point and shared how she wished her father could have been present to witness the event. She stated that she was completely amazed by the experience and had never anticipated it. According to her, it surpassed any film or TV show she had ever worked on. Jennifer Coolidge also shared how her father attended the institution, as did his brothers, so it held great significance to her.

According to producer Sarah Mann, it was a great honor to recognize Jennifer Coolidge as the Woman of the Year, especially after her recent accomplishments with White Lotus. Mann stated that Coolidge’s new Golden Globe would complement the Pudding Pot award they were giving her. Mann also promised they would not take Coolidge away to a palazzo in Palermo.

Legally Blonde 3 Will Release in 2023

The celebrations come right after Reece Witherspoon revealed that Jennifer Coolidge was returning as nail technician Paulette Bonafonté in the highly anticipated Legally Blonde 3. In the interview, Witherspoon shared that there could be no Legally Blonde 3 without Coolidge. The original film was released in 2001 and showed the adventures of Elle Woods, played by Witherspoon, a sorority girl who enrolled in Harvard Law School to follow her boyfriend, who had just broken up with her.

It seems the third installment of Legally Blonde will provide an update on the life of the dog-loving, pink enthusiast and her flourishing career as a lawyer. The confirmation for Legally Blonde 3 was made in 2018, and it was initially scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day in 2020. However, due to complications in production at the time, it faced delays, and its release date was shifted to May 2020 and then May 2022. Legally Blonde 3 will finally come out sometime this year.