Woman Wanted ‘Cute’ Cowboy Inking on Her Neck But Tattoo Artist Makes Big Mistake

Getting a tattoo can be a significant commitment. That said, it’s essential to ensure that you get exactly what you want. This is what Arkansas native Destinie Meadors did, and she chose a cowboy-inspired design for her neck. The TikToker desired to honor the prominent rodeo culture in the landlocked state.

A Woman Wanted a “Cute” Cowboy Tattoo, The Parlor Made a Mistake

A Permanent Mistake

Meadors did not anticipate for the tattoo to not go as intended. Thankfully, she is now able to see the funny side of the situation and has taken to social media to make light of it. The TikToker went to a tattoo parlor and requested that the artist tattoo a common cowboy greeting on her neck. She described her experience in a TikTok video that included a picture of the tattoo she desired. Under the ear, there is a simple text that reads “HOWDY.”

The greeting is fairly common even outside of the rodeo world, and the majority of the people know how to spell it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the tattoo artist who inked Meadors, and it is reasonable to say that the tattoo did not meet her expectations.

A Permanent Mistake

Tattoo Artists Should Use Autocorrect

Meadors shared the photo of what she received, exposing the tattoo artist’s error on her neck. She had the letters “HODWY” on her neck! On the plus side, it was at least written in the same font. Meadors was speechless and expressed her shock in her TikTok post, recalling that she and her tattoo artist had a good laugh. Nonetheless, people in the comment section could not help but laugh at this unfortunate inking.

One user jokingly asked “No autocorrect?” while another one asked if she tipped the tattoo artist. A third individual commented that this confuses them as every time they get a tattoo on their body, stuff like this should be double-checked.