A Woman Ate a Precious Heart-Shaped Chip From Walkers Chips

One woman has made a monumental mistake by accidentally eating a perfectly heart-shaped chip that was actually worth an entire fortune. The woman was a supermarket worker and was stunned after realizing she had eaten a chip that could have earned her $120,000 as part of a Walkers chips competition.

A Woman Ate a Precious Heart-Shaped Crisp from Walkers Chips
Eating a Precious Bag of Chips

The woman has warned other people who love to snack on chips to ensure they don’t share her fate. The manufacturer, Walkers, announced the news about their heart-shaped chip hunt in December 2022. The competition challenges shoppers to find the best heart-shaped chip in their packet and sign up for the chance of winning $120,000. The company also alerted customers that the competition would last until March 2023, giving its fans three months to stumble upon the oddly-shaped snack.

Despite the hype surrounding the competition, it passed completely by Dawn Sagar, who was having a regular day at work when she happened upon a chip that looked like no other. Not knowing about the competition, she snapped a picture of the chip and ate it. When she sent the picture to her friends, they tried to clue her into the challenge, but it was already too late.

Hunting for Heart-Shaped Chips

Dawn admitted that she was upset after the realization hit her but said it was not the end of the world after all. She also shared how every time she served somebody a pack of Walkers, she would warn them to check if there is a heart-shaped chip in their bag and instruct them not to eat it if they find one.

Walkers have also come forward with a statement about Dawn’s misfortune, saying that the company was sorry about the mishap but encouraged her to try again because the competition was still ongoing. The spokesperson also shared their advice for people to keep their chips and packets safe.