Woman Rides Horse Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru as Stunned Staff Look On

Imagine being part of the staff at a McDonald’s, and while you’re doing your job one day, something so strange happens that you’re at a loss for words except for one — horse.

Nothing is as Fun as Seeing a Woman Pull Up on a Horse at McDonald's
Woman on Horse

Woman on Horse Got Served

What an Australian woman managed to pull left the staff speechless. The question is — what would you say or do in that situation? Would you be willing to serve this woman? As it turns out, she shouldn’t have been served because, at this particular McDonald’s, there’s a specific rule that you’re not allowed to pull up to the window of the drive-thru with a horse. However, the woman that went viral for her mode of transportation somehow got what she wanted!

The strange situation happened at a McDonald’s in Yarrabilba, which is just south of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The woman was brave because there was a sign by the drive-thru that said “No Pedestrians.” However, there was nothing about going through the drive-thru on a horse, which is what she did while filming the entire thing for her social media account. Her choice of order was a chai latte with soy milk, and the staff served her without question before she allowed them to pet the animal. They weren’t too fazed. As it turns out, this kind of bizarre situation happens more often than one might think in those parts of Australia. Hopefully, the staff who served the woman washed their hands after petting the beautiful animal!

Woman on Horse Got Served

Should Not Have Been Served

The video of the situation quickly went viral, and people offered their comments. Most internet users seemed excited that the woman got served. Some commented that the McDonald’s chain in their locations refused and were not as excited to see an animal in the drive-thru.

An official spokesperson for McDonald’s spoke up and commented that strict rules don’t allow someone who pulls up on a horse to be served. It’s all about keeping the staff, animals, and customers safe. So, don’t try what that woman did at your local McDonald’s — it won’t work!