Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Is Currently a Holdout for the Packers

The Green Bay Packers have started their full squad minicamp Tuesday without Aaron Rodgers. This is the first time in Rodgers’ long NFL career that he was chosen as a holdout.

Aaron RodgersApparently, the star quarterback has now skipped the complete Packers offseason program, as he had failed to show up for each of the three phases of the voluntary workout sessions. Unless he suddenly decides to show up in the middle of this latest camp, the mandatory reporting date for NFL MVP will become the July 27 kickoff for training camp.

Rodgers Continued Absence Is Part of an Escalating Standoff With the Packers

Apparently, Rodgers’ absence is a significant escalation in his standoff with the Packers and signals a deepening resolve that should be addressed by the team’s front office as it prepares for the next season. This comes after he bypassed the workout phases that would have given him a $500,000 offseason workout bonus. Now the Packers can fine Rodgers around $93,000 for missing the mandatory camp. This shows that if Rodgers is willing to lose nearly half a million to stay away from working with his teammates, he might be willing to take this attitude into the 2021 preseason or beyond.

The Packers Will Have to Fine Rogers $50,000 Per Day If He Does Not Show Up After July

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Is Currently a Holdout for the Packers While the Packers cannot gift Rodgers the $500,000 workout bonus due to his lack of participation, they can extend the quarterback an excused absence for camp to avoid fining him the $93,000. Still, when training camp begins in July, they will have to fine him $50,000 per day because the league mandates this for players who are in a holdout.

Whether that becomes the case for Rodgers remains to be seen, but now the Packers must move forward with other kinds of pressure. First, they have to answer questions about how they will heal their relationship with the star quarterback. Then, they have to deal with the fact that they are not using the best quarterback in the NFL. Still, this will put a spotlight on second-year quarterback Jordan Love.

Why Pit Bulls Can’t Swim Well and Other Things Dog Owners Should Know

Why Pit Bulls Can’t Swim Well and Other Things Dog Owners Should Know
Why Pit Bulls Can’t Swim Well and Other Things Dog Owners Should Know

A dog in a pool is adored by all. Watching a dog paddle about with its snout barely above the water surface is such a popular activity that it’s even been given its own swimming stroke. That doesn’t mean you can throw any dog into a pool without a life jacket and expect natural instincts to take over. It turns out that not all dogs are natural swimmers, and pit bulls may be the perfect example. There are a few things to consider before lounging by the pool, choreographing a summer photo op at the beach, or romping in the river with your pup.

Some dogs are born athletes who will jump into a body of water like it’s littered with floating bacon bits. Others, not so much, which is something to keep in mind before attempting to take them swimming. Many of the best swimmers are purebred, having been bred particularly for water hunting (you can’t tell the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, the Otterhound, or the Portuguese Waterdog exist for any reason other than what their names indicate).

If your dog isn’t on the list of dogs that are naturally at ease in the water, keep in mind that they may require assistance while swimming. According to Michele Godlevski, a trained professional dog trainer, some breeds have a weight distribution that would prevent them from swimming successfully without a life vest.

Pit bull jumping over water
Why Pit Bulls Can’t Swim Well and Other Things Dog Owners Should Know

It’s All in the Shape of Their Faces

Bulldogs, for example, are great skateboarders, but their low center of gravity, as well as their flat faces, stocky physique, and short legs, make swimming problematic. Because of the same biological characteristics, many pit bulls (that is, American Pit Bull Terriers) will struggle to swim, even if they enjoy it because their back ends will sit higher in the water than their heads, posing a hazard, especially as they tire out. Pugs can’t swim well, according to a study, since their face shape makes it difficult to keep water out of their noses, while short-legged breeds like corgis and dachshunds will struggle to stay above the surface.

Owners of Pit Bulls Should Be Careful

Pit bull walking over rocks on water
Why Pit Bulls Can’t Swim Well and Other Things Dog Owners Should Know

Allowing pit bulls to drink while swimming may appear safe, but they should avoid drinking from most bodies of water, including lakes, ponds, and the ocean. Another sign that you should keep your dog on land is if the water is particularly crowded with blue or green algae. If you’re at a freshwater creek (or something similar) that’s safe for humans to drink from, make sure your dog doesn’t drink too much water, as this could cause them to vomit. Also, keep an eye out for any animals and creatures that could be dangerous.