Dana White Responds to Jake Paul’s Claim About Underpaid UFC Fighters

UFC President, Dana White, slams Jake Paul’s claim about UFC fighters being underpaid. The feud between the businessman and the YouTuber turned boxer has been ongoing for quite a while and there’s no indication it’s about to end.

UFC president Dana White during a press conferencePaul’s Brother Generated the Impressive Numbers

Jake Paul aka The Problem Child believes that his boxing events have generated more money than all but two UFC fighters in history. He also claims that White isn’t paying fighters their fair share. After UFC 263, the businessman replied to Paul’s accusations and took aim at the young fighter’s pay-per-view numbers, which he believes are greatly exaggerated.

Brothers Logan and Jake Paul celebrating the former's victory.Dana White shared with reporters that Jake Paul didn’t do a million. In fact, it was his brother Logan who did it. He was also asked about former Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley’s claim that his upcoming fight against The Problem Child was going to be the biggest payday in his career.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Are Selling Their Fight

The champion’s comment visibly irritated Dana White who said to have seen this type of behavior in the past. He continued by sharing that the 40-year-old Woodley hasn’t won a single fight in three years in something that he’s actually supposed to be good at and that he doesn’t see him doing any better at boxing.

Tyron Woodley during UFC 201The businessman told reporters that he understood Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul’s tactics to promote and sell their fight by making over-inflated claims about making millions of dollars and saying mean things about him. However, he also shared that their comments don’t really bother him.

Now that Dana White responded to the antics of both fighters, pundits are interested to see how will evolve the build-up for the fight between Woodley and Paul on August 28. Will the feud cease or continue to reach new levels? Only time will tell!

Chris Rock Declined Several Offers to Join the Cast of the Sopranos

Chris Rock was definitely one of the early HBO superstars with his three comedy specials Big Ass Jokes, Bring the Pain, and Bigger & Blacker. Soon after that, he launched The Chris Rock Show, which ran for 55 episodes and had five seasons. Meanwhile, The Sopranos had its debut and transformed HBO into an original drama programming powerhouse. In an interview, Rock revealed that back in those days, he turned down several offers to appear on The Sopranos.

A Still from The Sopranos ShowsChris Rock Had Too Much Respect for the HBO Drama Series and Didn’t Want to Be a Part of It

In the interview, Chris Rock stated that sometimes, performers could respect something so much that they wouldn’t want to be a part of it. He added that just when he had his own show on HBO and The Sopranos was at its height, he got a couple of offers to join the show but he thought he liked it so much, he didn’t want to spoil it.

Chris Rock Had a Different Response When He Was Invited to Join the Cast of Fargo

Chris Rock In Fargo's Season 4 Chris Rock’s mentality was apparently different when he was approached to lead the fourth season of the Fargo series. The actor explained that he thought Noah Hawley wanted him to host one of his wife’s charity events or something similar, but soon he found out it was about Fargo, and he was a huge fan of that show too. Still, he decided to accept because he saw how Hawley handled Bokeem Woodbine. Woodbine was cast as Mike Milligan in Fargo‘s second season, and Rock was impressed with the way the character was handled by the production. This led him to believe he would be in good hands on the show’s fourth season, and he accepted without hesitation.

Rock further explained how some people in the industry have a hard time writing for black people because they could not imagine being one. He remarked that this was not the case for Hawley, who wrote Rock’s character so well. While the comedian never starred on The Sopranos, he said he viewed his Fargo character, who was a crime lord, as a close version to Tony Soprano.