Fantasy Football Players to Drop and Pick Up With No Delay

Fantasy Football Players to Drop and Pick Up With No DelayIt’s definitely an interesting time for fantasy football enthusiasts. With what looks like dozens of quarterback injuries sustained over the past week, it’s going to be necessary to navigate the waiver wire and make a few adjustments to the roster. Luckily, there are many quarterbacks left to choose from and a few backup running backs that greatly outperformed the starters on their teams last week.

Who to Add to the Fantasy Football Team

Aaron Jones Aaron Jones certainly impressed fans by scoring the Packers’ first touchdown of the 2021 season. Having scored 30 touchdowns in total over the last two seasons, Jones is certainly a good bet. Another safe bet that everyone is sure to go for is Cordarrelle Patterson, whose six receptions and a total of 102 yards last week reaffirmed him as the running back on the field for the Falcons.

Who to Drop

Mark Ingram With the sweet comes the sour, but such is the nature of the fantasy football game. To go with the recommended addons, here are a few suggestions on who to drop from the roster.

Mark Ingram’s volume was practically halved as a result of the Texans having to pass the ball to the Browns more often than they ran it against them. Ingram didn’t manage to do much with his 14 carries. Houston’s offense is expected to regress without the injured quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Although Jameis Winston is known for making turnovers, that certainly wasn’t the case against Carolina. With two interceptions and no touchdowns, Winston is among our picks as a potential droppable at this time.

Jameis Winston Interesting Stats

A few fantasy performers and stat lines certainly stood out recently. Among the good was Courtland Sutton’s nine catches and 159 yards, both of which were career highlights for him. Darek Carr followed up his 435 yards against Baltimore with 382 yards against Pittsburgh.

Courtland Sutton Hopefully, this information helps a few enthusiasts make important changes to their fantasy roster!

A New Dinosaur With Very Short Front Limbs Was Discovered In Argentina

A new dinosaur with very small arms was recently discovered in Argentina. The newly found species roamed the Earth some 70 million years ago, and all indications show that it likely was a skilled predator. Despite its predatory nature, the ancient reptile had front limbs that were shorter than those of the T-Rex.

Geumesia Ochoai Was a Dinosaur That Used Its Powerful Head and Jaws to Capture Prey

Artistic Representation of the Geumesia Ochoai The fossilized remains of the new species were discovered in Argentina by a team of researchers from the London Natural History Museum. They named the new dinosaur Geumesia Ochoai and determined that it was a species of abelisaur, which is a clade of dinosaurs who had tiny front limbs and relied on their powerful jaws and heads to capture their prey.

According to the research leader, co-author of the study, and professor at the Natural History Museum in London, Anjali Goswami, the new dinosaur was quite unusual even for members of the clade. It had key characteristics that suggested the fossil belonged to a new species and provided important new information.

The New Dinosaur Species Was Found In an Area That Has Not Been Studied In Detail In Terms of Ancient Fossils

Abelisauridae were a family of theropod dinosaurs that prowled mainly in Patagonia and areas of the ancient southern supercontinent Gondwana. Today, Gondwana is recognized as South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, the Indian subcontinent, and the Arabian Peninsula. So far, Abelisaurid fossils have been found in rocks across South America, Africa, India, and Europe, with some 35 species from Argentina. While most of these 35 species were found in Patagonia, the new dinosaur was discovered near Amblayo, in the north of Argentina. According to professor Goswami, this was a region that the paleontology community had not studied in detail before.

Anjali Goswami and her colleague digging out fossils

Now, the team hopes to uncover more specimens of Guemesia Ochoai and its relatives. They want to learn and understand more about life in ancient Argentina. Professor Goswami also stated that understanding huge global events like mass extinctions required global datasets, and there were lots of other parts of the world that have not been studied enough. She even pointed out that tonnes of fossils are probably still waiting to be discovered.