Lionel Messi Made It Clear He’s No Fan of New MLS Rule

Instagram // @leomessi

Lionel Messi was benched due to an injury to his left leg in a game played against CF Montreal back in March. He was naturally upset that he had to sit out for two minutes because of a new injury rule and was disgusted and impatient to get back into the game. He was heard to say that MLS needed to seriously rethink this rule.

Messi’s Constantly on Camera

Messi finds himself followed by the paparazzi daily and can often be seen smiling and waving at his adoring fans, even giving out the occasional hug, all while staying silent. However, his opinions about this rule have made him actively seek out the camera to voice his disapproval directly to the MLS.

Instagram // @leomessi

Messi said that this new rule needed more thought, which is rare for a player who generally doesn’t voice his opinion. So far MLS has yet to respond to this statement, and fans are waiting with bated breath to see what happens.

Why Inter Miami Felt Slighted

Both Inter Miami and Messi had every reason to complain about this rule and the issues that players face when they are benched. After all, it basically became a game of 10 versus 11, putting the team with the benched player at a disadvantage. Lionel Messi did, however, have to receive some medical treatment after Montreals’s George Campbell tackled him, and Messi was outraged that Campbell did not receive a yellow card.

Because of this rule, Inter Miami coach Tata Martino was heard saying that the infraction between Messi and Campbell was very clear. He said because of this insane rule, and no yellow card being meted out, Inter Miami lost out for two minutes, giving the other side a clear advantage.