Salt Bae Broke a Rule While on the Pitch After the World Cup Final

After Salt Bae, who is one of the most famous chefs in the world, was photographed celebrating with the players on the field after the end of the 2022 World Cup final, FIFA addressed his behavior. Argentina defeated France in the penalties shootout after a tense final in Qatar, bringing the competition to an end.

Salt Bae Broke a Rule While on the Pitch After the World Cup Final

Salt Bae “Invading” the World Cup 2022

Nusret Gökçe, known as Salt Bae, went to the soccer pitch, hounding for social media likes, wanting to take a picture with Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, and Lisandro Martinez. He even broke the official FIFA rule by holding and kissing the 18-carat gold World Cup trophy. FIFA has confirmed that they were going to take action for those who gained access to the pitch as the winners were presented with the trophy and their medals.

In Breach of FIFA Rules

Journalist Tariq Panja tweeted that the “meat guy” gatecrashed the whole celebration. Panja shared in a statement that FIFA had been establishing how people gained access to the soccer pitch after the ceremony at Lusail Stadium on the 18th of December. Salt Bae came under fire after he attempted to grab Argentinian captain Lionel Messi, who seemed to be trying to ignore him.

Social Media Attention Gone Wrong

After a few minutes, the famous chef managed to get a few selfies with Argentine soccer players and post them to Instagram. Gökçe even shared a photo of him cradling the World Cup trophy. It’s against FIFA rules, as only a select group of people is allowed to touch this item, including the winners. Will Salt Bae be banned from attending the official FIFA finals, or will they let this one slip? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure — Gökçe gained a lot of social media attention from this act which was surely intentional.

Salt Bae Broke a Rule While on the Pitch After the World Cup Final

The US Government Is Set to Release a UFO Sighting Report

Are we alone in our universe or were some of the mysterious UFO sightings that people have reported over the years real? A report has been put together by US intelligence, the Pentagon, and the UAP task force that is going to be released by the US government as early as this month. This announcement has left many people wondering what this report will contain and will anything change once it’s out.

The US Government Is Set to Release a UFO Sighting Report The UAP Task Force and the Nature of the Report

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena task force was established to gather information and provide insight into the origins and the nature of unidentified flying objects, mainly reported by US navy personnel. Many people are wondering what the report will entail. Scott Miller, professor, and chair of the Aerospace Engineering Department at Wichita State University is curious but believes that the report won’t reveal any real or significant classified data and expects a cut-and-dry government report. The professor also mentioned that the technology to build aircraft, makes them look mysterious, and fly them in areas where they shouldn’t.

A still is from a U.S. Navy jet's video of a UFO sightingRemoving the UFO Taboo

A research scientist in planetary studies at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, Ravi Kumar Kopparapu is hoping that, once the UFO report is released, the taboo surrounding the scientific study of UAP’s. He points out the importance of ensuring the collection and availability of reliable data. Kopparapu also suggests that a coordinated effort between interested scientists from different fields, such as physicists, atmospheric scientists, aerospace experts, and engineers could help work out the nature of such phenomena.

Man pointing a light torch at the night skyThe Importance of Gathering Solid Data

Executive board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, Robert Powell, points out the importance of gathering such information and sharing it with the scientific community. The SCU promotes the scientific examination of strange phenomena known as UAPs and UFOs. This group includes former NASA researchers, university professors, and other experts. The coalition has, in the past, called for the release of all UAP-associated unclassified data.