Athletes Sue Bird and Serena Williams Leave a Legacy Behind

There are no two opinions about the fact that Sue Bird and Serena Williams have left a big legacy after flawless athletic careers. Sue Bird, a 41-year-old WNBA point guard, has announced her retirement in early September 2022. Serena Williams announced her retirement in a Vogue-covered story in August 2022. Here’s what they left for their fans to remember and cherish:

Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird laughs between plays during a WNBA basketball game against the Washington Mystics, Sunday, July 8, 2018, in Seattle

The Legacy They Left Behind

Sue Bird has dedicated 20 years of her life to her career and is adored by her fanbase. She appeared in 13 All-Star Games and won four Championships. Leaving her professional career, she’s embarking on caring for the next generation. The WNBA point guard stands up for various social issues. Her legacy in the league will be remembered for sure!

Similarly to Bird, Serena Williams has also left a huge impact on the tennis community. She’s become well-known beyond her talent, for she’s become a voice for young African American women. Williams’s career spanned over 27 years. During her professional career, she won 23 Grand Slams (singles) and four Olympic gold medals. The Women’s Tennis Association also ranked her No. one in singles. She’s won the award “Female Athlete of the Year” more than once, alongside many other showstopping awards. She’s even branched out and launched her own company called Serena Ventures.

Moving on to New Beginnings

Serena Williams has commented that she’s facing evolution next. After shifting away from tennis, she has other things coming up. She’s become a mother in 2017, and now she wants to grow that family and enjoy motherhood.

When Bird announced her retirement, she said she would certainly miss basketball. She even suggested that she might not be leaving basketball altogether. In recent years, she’s started analyzing women’s college basketball and various other ventures. Bird and Williams have definitely left a legacy we’ll never forget. Men and women both will look up to these great athletes and see what a significant impact they’ve left on basketball and tennis.