A Timeline of Sydney Hightower and Fred Warner’s Relationship

Instagram // @sydneywarner

Sydney Hightower and Fred Warner are definitely among our favorite couples, and we love their 21st-century fairytale, so we decided to go through their special moments throughout the years. We couldn’t think of a better moment as the two are now expecting their first child.

February 5th, 2020: Fresh Off a Breakup, Fred Warner Steps In

In 2020, after just having finished a relationship, Sydney Hightower decided to apply for season 24 of The Bachelor and actually secured a spot in the show. However, she was eliminated in the episode released on February 5th.

Two weeks later, after being encouraged by his sister-in-law, Fred Warner slid into Sydney’s DM’s, and their romance started from there. During the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Hightower said she had found the man she wanted to spend her life with.

First Valentine’s Day to Wedding

Warner posted a special photo of their first Valentine’s Day together, describing Sydney Hightower as “better half, love of my life, best friend!!”

Instagram // @fred_warner

The couple officially got engaged three months later on May 15th. Cute, before tying the knot, in California, in June 2022.

January 31st, 2024 – Today: Baby on Board

In January this year, Sydney got the green light from her doctor to fly to Vegas and watch the Super Bowl, as it was an important day for Warner. She was very pregnant at that time, but that didn’t stop her from supporting her husband.

Instagram // @sydneywarner and @fred_warner

Recently, the couple announced that they’re expecting their baby in March, and it’s a boy! We look forward to seeing their family photos together as a family of 3. It’s crazy how Sydney Hightower tried to find true love on The Bachelor but ended up finding it right after leaving the show and is now happily married to Fred Warner, a star in the National Football League.

Restaurant Owner’s Clever Comeback to Negative Reviews

Facebook // Smokin’ Joe’s – Guisborough

Joseph Smith, a restaurant owner in Guisborough, North Yorkshire, had a genius idea to tackle online reviews. He named the weekly burger specials at his diner ‘Smokin’ Joe’s’ after the people who sent in negative reviews about his food—without even visiting the restaurant! What’s the buzz about his cool move? Find out now!

Get Ready for Burger Drama

Smokin’ Joe’s posted an eating challenge on social media, and so-called haters came out swinging that the challenge was “impossible” and a “waste of food.”

When things got heated in the restaurant’s online reviews, the diner fired back, even questioning the critics’ ‘IQs.’ After the online drama, Joseph began naming his burgers after two people who dissed the place: “The Dustin” and “The Michael.”

From Hater to Burger!

Joseph claimed Dustin was trolling, but Dustin said he was just hating on food waste. It turned into a big mess over something that shouldn’t have been a big deal. Joseph’s response was a perfectly mature one: he named another burger after ‘Michael,’ who he says trolled the restaurant’s Facebook, especially the eating challenge posts.

Smokin’ Joe’s didn’t stop there, politely telling customers to “stick to McDonald’s” if they can’t handle their food!

Restaurant Owner’s Tasty Comebacks

The restaurant owner said he doesn’t like to let things slide. Rather, he hits back at comments about food challenges while keeping it funny and not too serious. Customers dig it, and the team at the diner has the right attitude at the appropriate times, thankfully.

Facebook // Smokin’ Joe’s – Guisborough

To be fair, Joe’s does have a point—expecting a body-positive eating experience at a burger bar isn’t exactly the right expectation. Go eat some nuts and fruit instead! We’re not sure if Smokin’ Joe’s will get even more famous or if they will lose their reputation from this debacle, but we’re here to see some more online meltdowns if they do come around again!