Tyson Fury Turned Down Millions Rejecting Two More Seasons of New Netflix Show

Netflix’s At Home With the Furys has garnered millions of viewers and widespread fan appreciation within a week of release. The series made its debut on the streaming platform recently and revolves around the life of professional fighter Tyson Fury as he contemplates retirement once again. It provides a unique perspective into the lives of the Fury family, featuring Tyson’s wife, Paris, his brother, Tommy, and Tommy’s partner, Molly-Mae Hague.

Tyson Fury Disliked Making a Reality Show

Tyson Fury Didn't Like Filming His Own Reality So No Second Season
Tyson Fury Disliked Making a Reality Show

Interestingly, the show almost didn’t come to fruition, as Tyson Fury contemplated canceling it during filming, believing it to be a mistake. During an interview, The Gypsy King disclosed that he even sought legal advice to determine if he could terminate the Netflix contract he had signed. Paris, Tyson’s wife, also shared a story, explaining that they went halfway through filming when the fighter wanted to cancel the whole show.

Tyson elaborated on his initial hesitation, saying that he wanted out. A couple of weeks in, he said, he was really looking for a way out of it. Apparently, he didn’t know what he’d signed up for and had made a mistake. It’s unsurprising that future seasons of At Home With the Furys are not currently in the pipeline.

No Hope for a Return

No Hope for a Return

Reportedly, Tyson has declined a substantial offer for a second and third season of the Netflix show. Originally planned as a 10-episode series, it was later reduced to nine episodes. It seems that after retiring, Tyson saw the Netflix show as a lucrative opportunity instead of the money he would have earned from a fight.

Apparently, the filming process was too stressful for Tyson Fury and didn’t go well, coupled with his return to active boxing after coming out of retirement. So, Fury decided to put a hold on a second season for the foreseeable future.

The Alabama Dynasty Is Here to Stay as They Continue to Thrive

Everyone loves and appreciates a winner, right? However, when it comes to a dynasty, the love and appreciation aren’t quite there. That goes to say for Tom Brady and his previous NFL team, the Patriots; the multiple eras of the New York Yankees who were despised; and even the UConn women’s basketball team that people had enough of due to their consistent wins. When it comes to Alabama college football, there’s the Alabama Dynasty.

The Alabama Dynasty Is Here to Stay as They Continue to Thrive A Long Streak for the Alabama Dynasty

The Crimson Tide has had an unprecedented run of success over the years, but how much is too much exactly? They’ve won 6 of the 18 total national titles over the past 12 seasons. Aside from that, they’ve had 3 Heisman Trophy winners, quite a few NFL first-round picks, and a top-ranked recruiting class for multiple consecutive years which all add up to form the Alabama Dynasty that people are getting tired of.

Some people are looking for more diverse college football. For the past 10 years, there has been a lack of parity, and it’s not good for the sport as a whole. Alabama earned spots in 6 of the 7 College Football Playoffs. They’ve also played in 5 title games and won 3 of them. Before this, in only 4 years, Alabama won 3 BCS championships.

The other side to the Alabama Dynasty is the supporters claiming a dominant team is necessary since everyone will be chasing that team. It’s the one team in every sport that everyone tries to knock off.

Dominating College Football

The Alabama Dynasty continuing their streak with another National Championship win. The Alabama Dynasty is what forced the rest of the league to work together to knock them out. In 2019, LSU won the title, Georgie faced off Alabama back in 2017 for the title game, and Auburn got a chance to play for a national title 2 times in the past 11 years.

Alabama has had quite a few blowout games over the past few years under Nick Saban. Since their 2009 season, the Crimson Tide has won 101 games by at least 20 points or more and 61 games by at least 30 points or more. Their overall record has been 153-15.