Urban Meyer Created a Scandal That Might Be Difficult to Get Out Of

Urban Meyer Created a Scandal That Might Be Difficult to Get Out OfUrban Meyer has spent decades in the college football industry and has recently earned tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars. His career was filled with several accounts of hypocrisy, bizarre explanations, and unbelievable stories, which has earned him the nickname Urban Liar. Even so, Meyer wins big and is still regarded as one of the best coaches in his generation. His latest scandal, however, left his team disappointed.

A Rough Start Into a Tenure

Jacksonville Jaguars Logo Just one month into Meyer’s tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the coach was involved in a bit of a scandal. He didn’t return to Jacksonville with his team following Thursday’s loss in Cincinnati under the excuse that he’ll be spending time with his grandkids. After a 0-4 loss, the coach was expected to return with his team and double down on what went wrong, work on improvements, and prepare for future opponents. However, his weekend took a different turn.

A Weekend Bar Outing for Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer and his wife Shelley Mather MeyerA video was shared on social media of Urban Meyer spending time in a bar dancing closely with a young woman. The coach is expected to spend the flight and drive back with the team breaking down the game and working on future tactics. What hurt and disappointed the team and the Jaguars owner was that Meyer chose to use his grandchildren as an excuse and end up enjoying himself at a bar instead.

How Will the Coach Redeem Himself

Jacksonville Jaguars Meyer stated that he apologized to his team for being a distraction. However, members of the team stepped forward to say that he only apologized to position groups individually but canceled a team meeting. Meyer claims he was asked to that bar by a group of people who wanted to take pictures with him and that he should have left once they invited him to the dancefloor. As for the team, the coach will have to work to regain their trust.

Jason Momoa Chimes in on the Celebrity Shower Conversation

Jason Momoa made sure that his fans were aware of his personal hygiene standards in an interview with Access Hollywood last week. He assured them that he carried over his onscreen love for water into his personal life.

Jason Momoa Showers Daily

Jason Momoa Chimes in on the Celebrity Shower Conversation Aquaman, or Jason Momoa, let his fans know that he stayed on top of all of his grooming rituals, including showering daily. He also mentioned that he didn’t want to start any trends and he showered regularly. Momoa also added that he was Aquaman, and he was in the water – at least in the movie he was.

He later added that with his Hawaiian background, he has saltwater on him so he’s good when it comes to showering. Momoa makes it a priority to stay true to his Aquaman character and emerge himself in water regularly.

Some of Hollywood’s Showering Habits

Jason Mamoa made his comments in a response to the latest and most eyebrow-raising Hollywood celebrity trend that involves delaying routine showering. The trend started when celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were on Armchair Expert, Dax Shepard’s podcast, back in July. They mentioned that they only soaped down the essential areas daily and they only washed their kids when they saw dirt on them.

Jason Momoa Chimes in on the Celebrity Shower Conversation Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard chimed in after that, and Jake Gyllenhaal told Vanity Fair that he found bathing less necessary recently. Jason Momoa joined Dwayne Johnson when he said he’s the opposite of a person who doesn’t wash as he took 3 showers a day.

Johnson elaborates by stating that his mornings begin with a cold shower when he gets out of bed and then a warm one after his workout. He then takes a hot shower once he gets home from work that includes face washing, body washing, exfoliating, and of course, off-key singing.