This New AI Tool De-Ages Actors’ Faces for Movies, in Seconds

Disney Research Studios have created a new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can either age or reverse the aging of persons in video footage. This software, known as the face re-aging network (FRAN), will be able to make actors appear older or younger for movie scenes set in the past or the future with little post-production editing.

This New AI Tool De-Ages Actors’ Faces for Movies, in Seconds

AI Is the Future of Filmmaking

As Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher was digitally remade to resemble herself in the original Star Wars trilogy when she was in her twenties, as shown at the end of the 2016 film Rogue One. According to John Knoll, who oversaw the visual effects for the movie, it was a very labor-intensive and highly-tech version of doing makeup.

This AI tool can complete this task in a small fraction of the time. In a scientific paper outlining FRAN, the crew describes how the system makes use of a neural network that has been trained to use a vast number of face photos. Using this data, it will then project how a person’s face will probably change over time, including the development of wrinkles, facial drooping, and changes in skin tone.

FRAN Keeps All the Details Intact

It’s not difficult to de-age a person’s face in a single frame. There are many software tools and filters that can do this quite well that have emerged in recent years. However, with the AI tool FRAN, it’s possible to smoothly edit video footage while preserving crucial visual elements like facial expressions, lighting, and camera angles.

The researchers made a few films showcasing the AI tool and released them. They even demonstrate how an actor’s face can age in front of your eyes, changing from young to old in a matter of seconds. Amazing, right?

King of the Youth – Travis Scott’s Extraordinary Route to Success

If you’re over the age of 25 and want to understand the allure of Travis Scott, there’s no better place to start than Fornite. The free video game is currently its own contained universe, which welcomes hundreds of millions of players on a daily basis. And the American rapper understands that perfectly.

Travis Scott playing a game on PlayStation 5.
King of the Youth – Travis Scott’s Extraordinary Route to Success

Fortnite Offered an Entire New World

While musicians from all over the world were canceling their concerts due to the ongoing pandemic, Travis Scott saw a unique opportunity to increase his popularity and audience. He used a series of animated concerts to bring his show into the game.

Travis Scott hosting an animated concert on Fortnite.
King of the Youth – Travis Scott’s Extraordinary Route to Success

Of all the strange and goofy streaming experiments tried by different celebrities, it was Scott’s idea that felt the most innovative and practical. His virtual shows were attended by an estimated 27.7 million people, which is more than the combined population of Belgium and Senegal. In addition, his accompanying Cactus Jack x Fornite merchandise sold like hotcakes while his music was propelled on the very top of several streaming platforms.

Travis Scott Has Impacted More Than Just the Music Industry

This, however, isn’t Travis Scott’s only brilliant move. The rapper has proven himself as someone who speaks fluently the language of the youth. His woozy, digitally distorted sound has already earned him a solid fanbase. Furthermore, his influence has extended into other spheres such as art and fashion.

Over the years, Travis Scott has entrusted several sought-after artists such as David LaChapelle, KAWS, and Nick Knight with his album covers. He has also successfully used his unique personal style to forge a partnership with a number of internationally renowned brands like Nike, Dior, Helmut Lang, and Saint Laurent.

Travis Scott's Astroworld album cover by David LaChapelle.
King of the Youth – Travis Scott’s Extraordinary Route to Success

The rapper has an omnipresent and a bit elusive personality, which enables him to distinguish himself from the standardized rules of celebrity. He uses mystery as a tool to gain the curiosity of others, which only means that the world must wait to see what new tricks Travis Scott has up his sleeves.