Here’s Why Escalators Have Those Brushes on the Sides

Image by fabrikasimf on Freepik

Escalators are everywhere, from malls to airports, but have you ever thought about how they work and the safety measures in place? These systems involve more than meets the eye, incorporating various safety features. There’s a lesser-known side of escalators and it involves those brushes on the sides; simple yet important details that keep things running smoothly.

The Unsung Heroes Behind Those Bristles

These bristles aren’t just any brushes. They’re like secret guardians on escalators. Their main job is to prevent your clothes or shoes from getting caught in the moving stairs. Imagine if they weren’t there; it’d be pretty risky, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Surprisingly, these ‘safety brushes’ do more than just physically protect you. They also play a mind trick on you. When the brushes touch your leg or clothing, your instincts kick in, and you naturally move them away. It’s like a built-in safety feature that helps prevent any accidents.

Tales of Stuck Hems

A TikTok account called “Untold Facts” explained why these bristles are crucial, noting that many escalator accidents happen because people stand too close to the side and their clothes or bags get stuck. The brushes are like silent protectors, ensuring you stay safe during your escalator ride.

Commentary from viewers poured in, sharing their own stories. One person revealed that she got her floor-length dress caught in an escalator, which left stubborn oil/grease stains. Another shared a recent incident, saying her husband helped a lady whose skirt got stuck on the escalator. Despite numerous safety features, these incidents still happen from time to time.

The Ordeal of Mehmet Ali Erik

Over the years, escalators have been the center of some truly frightening incidents. In 2018, a man named Mehmet Ali Erik experienced a horrifying ordeal at the Ayazaga metro station in Istanbul, Turkey. The escalator, initially stationary, suddenly started moving when Mehmet stepped onto it.

Image by onlyyouqj on Freepik

Instead of functioning as intended, the escalator collapsed, causing chaos and sending people tumbling down. Reports state that Mehmet was trapped under the metal stairs for an hour before being rescued, miraculously sustaining only minor injuries. Stories like these can certainly make one opt for the stairs instead!