Gravity Has Shown Its New Jet Pack Model in a Live Demonstration

In recent years, flying suits based on the so-called Iron Man design have become something normal. In the UK, even the ambulance service has tested such equipment for getting to difficult spots. It seems there are a lot of jobs that flying a jet pack could make easier.

Gravity Has Shown Its New Jet Pack Model In a Live Demonstration
Gravity Has Shown Its New Jet Pack Model in a Live Demonstration
Gravity’s New Jet Pack Model

The latest news in the jet pack world involved a video of an actual jet pack that also looked the way those were first envisioned – with a set of jets on the back in addition to the two stabilizers controlled by each arm. While there is limited information on the inner workings of the jet pack itself, people know that it was created by Gravity Industries and is still being developed. This company has been providing the training and suits for this latest video and many before it.

The Gravity Founder Is a Test Pilot

Gravity Has Shown Its New Jet Pack Model in a Live Demonstration
What’s made this recent flight interesting is that while most Gravity suits use the backpack spot for fuel to power the two powerful engines on the arms and propel the wearer into the air, this time, a series of engines were also introduced onto the back. The flight of the pilot does look effortless and fun but it’s not at all an easy task. The arm jets mean all the body weight is resting on the strength of the upper body. This means that the person who’s about to use the jet suit should be physically prepared before going through the air at 55 miles per hour.

Whether the new iteration of the suit will be a permanent one is not yet clear. This is the case because while Browning is usually the one who flies the jet pack in such videos, Gravity also makes jet suits that are custom fitted to order. Of course, the company also provides training for anyone who wants to have their own jet pack. Still, the price of one is about $430,000.