Internet Access on Kilimanjaro Can Help Climbers Seek Life-Saving Aid

A group of native guides from the adjacent Moshi region, an Austrian mountaineer named Ludwig Purtscheller, and a German geology professor named Hans Meyer, all created history on October 6, 1889. They must have experienced a sense of awe and fulfillment that few of us will ever know as they ascended the last few steps to Kilimanjaro’s highest summit, a mountain that had never previously been known to have been scaled. If only they had been able to tweet it…

Internet Access on Kilimanjaro Can Help Climbers Seek Life-Saving AidInternet Access on Kilimanjaro

This historical wrong has now been made right. On the slopes of Africa’s tallest peak, high-speed Internet access is now available, allowing would-be climbers to Insta their way to the summit — or, you know, phone for assistance before they join the 10 or so individuals who perish on the slopes each year. The Tanzania Telecommunications Corporation recently connected Kilimanjaro, and the country’s information minister, Nape Nnauye, who described the occasion as “historic.”

In a press event, Nnauye said that previously, it was pretty dangerous for guests to function without the Internet. Now, though, visitors to the mountain can stay connected to the world below them up to the Horombo huts, which are approximately 3,740 meters above sea level. However, they’ll have to wait until the end of the year before they can tweet from the summit, as Internet access is not expected to reach the entire 19,341-meter height until then.

Rescue Teams Can Find People in Need Much More Quickly

Access to the Internet has become an essential component of climbing in recent years, which can be either positive or negative. Even while an over-dependence on cell phones has led some would-be explorers to be directed up dangerous and perhaps lethal routes, even the most experienced mountaineers agree that connectivity is essential if something goes wrong.

The usage of mobile phones in Kilimanjaro, and other mountain areas, can also raise the alarm much quicker than was possible 20 years ago. This, in turn, makes it possible for aid to be delivered sooner, which benefits those injured in an accident. The use of mobile phones in such a manner has been credited with saving lives.

LEGO Designer to Immortalise the ‘This Is Fine’ Meme Into A Buildable Set

The infamous LEGO creator Truman Cheng behind the Vincent Van Gough set piece is back with another great idea at the right time.

LEGO Designer to Immortalise the ‘This Is Fine’ Meme Into A Buildable Set

Introducing the ‘This Is Fine’ Set

It’s 2022 and it feels like everything is terrible, so this set idea couldn’t have come at a better time.

Cheng who also created the instant hit set “Starry Night” wants to recreate the legendary meme which shows the adorable pooch sipping on a beverage while the world around him combusts in flames.

The Hong-Kong native said via the LEGO IDEAS website that he wants people to keep calm and stay positive in the face of adversity. He feels that, unlike so many memes that have faded over the years, the “This Is Fine” meme has just gotten better over time.

The LEGO Model Was Created a Few Years Ago

Cheng’s new set is based on his favorite meme which was taken from KC Green’s comics. Since many people told the LEGO creator they want one too, he decided to make it a full set and try it on LEGO IDEAS.

Truman Cheng also mentioned that if fans wanted him to produce other sets paying homage to iconic memes, they could leave a comment below the post.

The Meme Culture Lives

One doesn’t have to be a meme lover to appreciate the beauty behind the “This Is Fine” set but many fans responded properly, showing that the meme culture is stronger than ever. Under Cheng’s Instagram post, many replied with memes or quotes.

One wrote, “Take my money” while another one said “Love This!!! Story of our lives.” Without a doubt, this calls for a “Distracted Boyfriend” or a “Sad Keanu” piece.

Following The Office Set

This model follows The Office set which is based on the popular US sitcom. The piece took 1,164 bricks to create the notorious Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Jaijai Lewis first submitted the previews in 2014 and 2019 and said that his pitch underwent a lengthy process until it came to fruition.

However, it still came out, and let’s hope that the “This Is Fine” set will come out soon enough as well.