2 Hidden iPhone Keyboard Spacebar Features Unveiled

As technology advances, iPhone users continue to uncover new tips and tricks to enhance their experience. The iPhone keyboard spacebar, for example, holds two hidden secrets that may make texting and editing quicker and easier for many. Stay with us to learn more about those features.

2 Hidden iPhone Keyboard Spacebar Features Unveiled

iPhone’s Hidden Spacebar Features

A handy trick that some may not know is that double-tapping the spacebar automatically enters a full stop followed by a space at the end of a sentence. This feature saves time by eliminating the need to tap on the full-stop key. To enable this feature, go to the Settings app, then General, Keyboards, and scroll down until you find the “.” shortcut and switch it on.

iPhone’s Hidden Spacebar Features

Another lesser-known feature is the hidden trackpad within the spacebar. By pressing and holding the spacebar, the entire keyboard turns into a blanked-out, grey panel. This transformed keyboard allows users to more easily move the cursor through text for precise editing. No longer will users struggle with placing the cursor within sentences; instead, they can swiftly edit text with this secret trackpad.

Beyond the two hidden features, the iPhone keyboard spacebar also offers various accessibility options. For individuals who require larger keys or more prominent text, the spacebar and keyboard can be adjusted to suit their needs. These customizable settings further enhance user experiences and ensure optimal comfort for all. To access these settings, navigate to the Settings app, then select Accessibility and choose Keyboards. From there, explore the available options to fine-tune your spacebar and keyboard layout.

iPhone’s Hidden Spacebar Features

Mastering iPhone Tips and Tricks

As technology continues to evolve, it’s crucial to keep exploring new tips and tricks on the iPhone. Staying informed of innovative features not only improves efficiency but enables users to fully harness their devices’ capabilities. Be sure to stay current with iPhone updates and enhancements, as well as join online forums and communities that share useful tips. By investing time in understanding an iPhone’s functionalities, users can truly maximize their device’s potential.

The two hidden keyboard spacebar features, coupled with accessibility options and continually exploring new tips, can significantly improve users’ experiences on iPhones. Embrace these time-saving tricks and functionalities to text and edit more efficiently, making the most out of your cherished Apple device.

Channing Tatum Says He Was ‘Completely Naked’ in ‘The Lost City’

Channing Tatum Says He Was 'Completely Naked' in ‘The Lost City’The upcoming action-comedy The Lost City is not only packed with an awesome cast and quality humor, but it also features Channing Tatum as he “bares it all” on screen. The actor recently shared that he was “completely naked” in a scene for the movie, which he shared with fellow actress Sandra Bullock.

The Scene With the Fake Leeches

The Magic Mike actor made a surprising career turn when it was announced that he would step out of his action hero shoes and assume a more comedic role in The Lost City. In the movie, his character tags along as Sandra Bullock’s heroine tries to escape an evil billionaire, played by none other than Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe.

Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in 'The Lost City'Walking into the set on the second day of shooting, Channing Tatum was faced with a new challenge — he had to be completely naked for a scene where he had to be covered with leeches. Fake ones, thankfully. And Sandra Bullock was there to see it all.

Channing Tatum Went Head First Into the Project

Being thrown into a scene where you have fake leeches super-glued to your butt on your second day of shooting can be a daunting experience. When recalling the situation, Tatum shared that it was a challenge, but it was also a really quick way to literally get closer to everybody on set.

The tricky part was having Sandra Bullock’s character have a “two-page monologue with a certain part” of his body. To his credit, however, Bullock said that Tatum was very “chill” about it, so there was “no weirdness.”

A scene from 'The Lost City'Fans can see Channing Tatum in The Lost City in a rather unexpected role. The highly-anticipated action comedy comes from the creators of the indie hit Band of Robbers, and to take things up a notch, Hollywood legend Brad Pitt also has an extended cameo!