Netflix Launched Paid Sharing, and an Old Tweet Didn’t Age Well

If you have recently been anywhere near a news source, you probably already know that Netflix is banning password sharing. The days of sharing your password with someone to advance a relationship, a friendship, or just to be helpful are now firmly in the past. A previous tweet has gone viral. Let’s just say that in light of the new policy, it hasn’t held up too well.

Sharing Is Not Caring

To prevent multiple households from sharing a single Netflix account, the company now requires users to log in from their home address at least once every 31 days or risk having their account disabled. The new Netflix policy states, “People who do not live in your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix.”

Before implementing this change, the streaming service should probably have done some social media tidy-up. The update completely contradicts a promotional tweet Netflix posted in 2017. The tweet stated, “Love is sharing a password.” Now that users have rediscovered the tweet, the consensus is that it has not aged well at all. This is also true for Netflix subscribers who are not very happy with the new password-sharing policy. One user from Twitter responded to the historic tweet by stating that this was the thing that happened when a social media team blindly jumped on every trend.

What a Netflix Spokesperson Responded

A Netflix spokesperson said that today’s widespread account sharing was undermining their long-term ability to invest in and improve the streaming service experience, as well as to build their business. Although their terms of service only permit one household to use Netflix at a time, they acknowledge that some members may find this to be quite a change.

The ability for members to check which devices are using their Netflix accounts and to transfer a profile to a new account are two examples of the additional new features they have worked on to enhance the whole streaming experience. Members in many countries will have the option to pay extra if they want to share Netflix with people they don’t live with as the streaming platform rolls out the paid sharing update. All members will be able to watch while traveling on a TV or mobile device, just like they can now.