God of War, the Ragnarok Sequel, Offers Accessibility Options

Accessibility is quickly becoming associated with PlayStation companies and the wide range of games they produce. The Last of Us part one remake, which was just released, contains all the accessibility features from part two as well as an entirely new feature for AAA games: audio descriptive cutscenes. However, Naughty Dog is not the only PlayStation developer to give accessibility a high priority and include it in their games. God of War Ragnarök, developed by Santa Monica Studio, will be the newest installment in a well-liked series that exhibits its dedication to accessibility this November.

‘God of War,’ the ‘Ragnarok’ Sequel, Offers Accessibility Options
God of War, the Ragnarok Sequel, Offers Accessibility Options
Kratos and Atreus on a Journey

The saga of Kratos and his son Atreus, who battle the Norse pantheon for survival, is continued in God of War Ragnarök. Ragnarök is a tale of growth and development for the studio as well, just as the former Greek god of war will change and evolve as a character. Lead UX designer Mila Pavlin from Santa Monica Studio talks about how to make sequels that are accessible and how to collaborate with the disability community to make sure that games in the future have as few inadvertent obstacles as possible.

New Accessibility In-Game Features

God of War, the Ragnarok Sequel, Offers Accessibility Options

In contrast to the 2018 prequel, God of War Ragnarök‘s accessibility features let handicapped players select from over 60 choices to assist remove any potential obstacles to gameplay. PlayStation developers are not new to the practice of introducing hundreds of accessibility options. Numerous accessibility features have been added to recent releases by developers like Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games. The Last of Us, part two, established a standard for accessibility in the video game industry, not because of the number of settings it offered but rather because of how well each feature functioned.

Players who, among other things, have physical, hearing, or visual impairments might select from a variety of choices to enable them to enjoy the game without eliminating any of the deliberate hurdles.

The Future Is Bright!

Santa Monica Studio has reached a new milestone with Ragnarök. They haven’t included this amount of accessibility in any of their games before. While it may appear to be a difficult endeavor, the aid of impaired gamers, accessibility consultants, and accessibility professionals from other PlayStation teams was critical in suggesting answers to confusing situations. However, Pavlin recognizes that Ragnarök is not the conclusion of the accessibility journey, but rather, a continuation of the ever-evolving knowledge of the requirements of handicapped players.