How to Open Spotify Links if You Aren’t a Spotify User

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In the vast realm of the music industry, Spotify reigns as a dominant force, with its users often sharing links to songs, albums, or playlists. However, for those not entrenched in the Spotify world, clicking on these links can feel like encountering a musical dead end, whether on social media, in texts, emails, or DMs. The good news is that you can effortlessly convert Spotify links into gateways for your preferred music service.

Try Browser Extensions

For Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, the Music Link browser extension is a valuable tool. This extension automatically directs all Spotify links to your preferred music app, offering a simple installation and configuration process.

You can easily choose your preferred music service. With the option to exclude specific services, Music Link becomes a hassle-free extension, streamlining your music exploration experience.

Access for Apple and Android

For Apple users, the shortcut provides a convenient solution to redirect Spotify links. Simply copy the Spotify URL, launch the shortcut, and experience the magic. identifies the URL in your clipboard and provides links to the same song on different platforms, including YouTube—an especially useful feature for those without a streaming service subscription.

For Android users, the free app Redomoi provides a seamless solution where Apple shortcuts may not. Although it requires manual installation via APK file, once set up, Redomoi offers a smooth experience. It opens Spotify links as pop-ups with links to other music streaming services, ensuring a hassle-free transition for Android users.

Odesli to the Rescue

If the above-mentioned options don’t suit you, consider Odesli. This versatile website serves as a comprehensive database, providing neatly ordered links to the same song or album on various platforms. Simply copy and paste links from your preferred music app, transforming Spotify links into universally accessible gateways with ease.

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If you find yourself regularly sharing Spotify links, consider utilizing these tools to convert links before sharing. This way, everyone can enjoy the shared musical experience on their streaming service of choice.