Adam Sandler’s New Netflix Movie Is Already Tipped for an Oscar


Adam Sandler’s New Netflix Movie Is Already Tipped for an Oscar

If there’s one guy that can make us laugh and feel all the feels all in the same scene, it’s definitely Adam Sandler. And, judging by his upcoming Netflix film, it seems like he might finally land that dreamy Academy Award.

It’s Adam Sandler’s Time to Shine

The new film, Hustle, just released its first trailer earlier in May, and everyone went wild praising Sandler’s performance. In the film, he plays a washed-up NBA scout looking for his way back to the big league. On a trip to Spain, Stanley Beren (Adam Sandler) finds the talented ball player Bo Cruz (played by the real-life Utah Jazz forward Juancho Hernangómez). As is only right, before the pair can steal the NBA spotlight, they must overcome their inner demons and a ton of challenges.

Adam Sandler and Juancho Hernangómez in 'Hustle'

Starring Ben Foster, Queen Latifah, and Heidi Gardner, Hustle will hit select theaters and be available to stream on Netflix starting June 8, 2022.

Oscar Talk Going Strong

Ever since Sandler’s riveting performance in Uncut Gems (2019), many have been wondering when the talented actor will finally get the Oscar he deserves. Slipping into the shoes of a Jewish-American jeweler battling a gambling problem seemed like the perfect recipe for Academy Award success. Sadly, he didn’t even get a nomination.

Adam Sandler in 'Uncut Gems'

When asked about his chances of receiving a career-first Oscar nomination for Uncut Gems on The Howard Stern Show, Sandler joked that if he doesn’t get it, he’ll make a really bad movie as revenge. Many speculate that Hubie Halloween was exactly that.

Judging by the widespread praise for his performance after the official Hustle trailer was released, it seems like Adam Sandler might finally be getting that golden statue… or at least a nomination! If it was up to his fans on social media, he would have gotten one already. Either way, we’ll know once the film is available to stream on Netflix.